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Conrad's Vision of the colonial world in nostromo and the heart of darkness - Essay Example

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Starting with the setting place it is essential to understand what these represent in the larger context the two pieces are taking place. What needs to be addressed here are the facts occurring in the fictional South of South American state of Costaguana, and the real events of Congo…
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Conrads Vision of the colonial world in nostromo and the heart of darkness
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Extract of sample "Conrad's Vision of the colonial world in nostromo and the heart of darkness"

Download file to see previous pages There are also diverse political systems within the country, look at for more information. Enslavement of congo in 1800 brought many changes to the country with suppression of rights of the inhabitants and pauperization of their lives. What will help a lot is reading the biography of the author and understanding for political viewpoints and ethical standpoints to use it for the interview. Based on his biography you can give detailed explanation of why he used each symbol in his works. The main idea here is to make a contradiction between the two pieces of work. Finding common and dissimilar ideas you convey that you have fully understood what the author is trying to show through his work. He was born shortly after the Crimean war in Poland and both his father and his mother died of tuberculosis so he had to lie with his uncle. Using the fact that he left his country to avoid "being conscripted for service in the Russian army" you can see that the suppression element drove him out of his beloved country. He travelled to France and England and he went to Congo which fascinated him. There is here therefore a love for the setting of his work which he would most certainly not like to see under the suppression of any country. This bias is a setting for the elements of his work.
The second thing you need to focus on are the characters of the two pieces of work. ...
mainly in the central character and the other central characters that are in the setting is what is missing from the author's life or the kind of people they highly appreciate and miss. In any case when evaluating a piece of literature work one needs to keep in mind that even though the author is trying to convey personal convictions each literature piece is interpreted differently by the author There is no right or wrong in a literature piece, however all the elements of the piece, setting, characters, ethics, author bio etc. need to be taken into consideration to have a COMPLETE view of the piece of work and have a personal viewpoint of everything included in the work. What you might also need to do is probably memorise what is said in some parts of the text because this will convince for sure your professors that you have written the dissertation. In every academic paper details make the difference and they are always giving extra mark. Try referring to specific characters for instance. As far as the setting is concerned you will also need to keep in mind the political situation when the author was born and make a correlation between that and the political situation in the two works. You need to remember that you cannot focus on EVERYTHING that is considered important. You will need to extract what you think was most important for you and elaborate on this but really learn a lot of details. Your professors will read your paper and they will focus on what contradicitions are made and they will ask you questions on these. They might also ask what you mean by some sentences in your dissertation so be prepared to answer any vague points.

2. The characters of the works
The second thing that need to be stressed are the main characters in Nostromo, you have Gould who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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