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James Madison's 51st Federalist Paper - Essay Example

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James Madison starts off his renowned federalist paper, Federalist No. 51, by giving the explanation as to how this essay assists the readers in understanding the frame work of the government makes liberty achievable. Each branch must be, mostly according to Madison independent.
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James Madisons 51st Federalist Paper
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Download file to see previous pages However, the framers identified certain realistic problems in making all offices elective. Especially, the judicial branch would face problems because the typical person does not have knowledge about what qualifications judges ought to have. Judges must have great capability, but also not have any political pressures. While federal judges are selected for life, their philosophy will not be inclined via the president who appoints them or the senators whose permission the president will take.
All the arguments were generated due to his past life as he was in aristocratic family in Port Conway so his thinking was also very refined. His personal background did not have anything do with any kind of discrimination of race, class and gender. The background which affected his thinking was his education, refined family background and experience which he gained from Thomas Jefferson
Madison's writings are filled with figurative and fancy language. In today's terms, a faction is a special interest group. They are a lot of groups of citizens who make a try to advance their thoughts or economic interests at the cost of other citizens or by methods that conflict with the public good. To be in command of a minority faction, there are two alternatives. One alternative could be to eliminate whatever is the reason behind the rise of the faction. Nevertheless, this is impractical. Thus, a second proposal was prepared. In this proposal Madison states that in order to have power over factions one does not need to its causes, but control its effectiveness.
James Madison's Federalist, No. 51, is a transparent expression of views and guiding principle for a new government. He was a strong devotee and member of the Federalists whose key beliefs supported the Constitution. They also thought that the Articles of Confederation required rewriting so that it would be possible for the new central government to control the power of the states.
Madison begins possibly the most well-known of the Federalist papers, Federalist No.51, by stating that one of the strongest arguments in favor of the Constitution is the fact that it establishes a government capable of controlling the violence and damage caused by factions. Madison believes that the factions are groups who get together to defend and support their special economic interests as well as political opinions. Even though these factions are different from each other, they often work in opposition to the public interests, and violate the rights of others.
Equally supporters as well as opponents of the plan are troubled by the political instability which is caused by opponent factions. The state governments have not been successful in resolving this issue; in fact the state of affairs is so challenging that people are disappointed with all politicians and hold government the reasonable for their troubles. As a result, a kind of popular government that can deal effectively with this crisis has a lot to suggest it.
Given the temperament of man, factions are predictable. As long as every man has diverse opinions, have unequal wealth, and have different amount of property, they will carry on socializing with people who more like them. Both severe and small reasons account for the creation of factions however the most vital foundation of faction is the unequally distributed property. Men ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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James Madison'S 51st Federalist Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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