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Colonisism - Essay Example

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Colonism is the extension of a nation's sovereignty over territory beyond its borders by the establishment of either settler or exploitation colonies in which local population is displaced. Colonizing nations generally dominate and take advantage of resources, labor, and markets of the colonial territory,Sometimes colonism also display the economic motives of colonising nation…
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Extract of sample "Colonisism"

Download file to see previous pages Colonism always takes place because of the colonising nation feels that it can exploit various benefits out of the colonial territory. For e-g British Empire in 1800s took control of the Indian Subcontinent via colonism because of the world famous spices that India was producing and because of their famous silk cloth. If they would have not done this, India would have become a richer and much powerful state than the British themselves. So, Britishers exploited India by taking these resources under their own control and then exporting them to other parts of the world earning huge amounts. Similarly, all other colonies we formed because the colonising nation felt the gains they could exploit by setting up their bases in those areas. Whether these gains be economic, political, social or whatever they be , all colonies were formed because of the incentive that were present there for the colonising nations.
To use cheap labour of the country to maximise efficiency and gain. For e-g Indian soldiers were not only used to protect India but during World War 2, Britishers sent them on war front representing The British Empire.
To create link with countries that borders with the colonised nation. For e-g When Britishers took over Indian sub-continent, they created links with Afghanistan and China. By these links they were able to create their own influence in Afghanistan and were near colonizing Afghanistan too.
To develop trade links with neighboring countries and increasing foreign trade with them this will earn revenue.
To use the natural resources of the colonized countries. For some countries are better suited for agriculture than others. Some are richer in natural resources such as oil. By having these countries under your banner, you own their resources as well. Hence, colonism leads to free use of such resources.
By using the infrastructural links that a colony has with its neighboring countries it can use these infrastructural facilities for their own purpose. For e-g Indian Subcontinent had good road networks with Afghanistan. Now whenever Britain wanted to export anything to Afghanistan, instead of using expensive ports and port taxes and other duties, they simply used these road networks as a mean to have their goods delivered to Afghanistan.
Apart from natural resources, skills and aptitudes of local population will be exploited by the colonizing nation.
In the end, one can say that this colonism reaps a lot of benefits to the colonizing country. These can be political, social or economic. From an ethical point of view colonism is never justified. But the wealth that it brings to the colonizing nation is enormous and also the economic incentives are massive. So, these countries never look at ethical point of view but work towards their own interest which everyone in the world has the right to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Colonisism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Colonisism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Colonisism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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