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Reviewing Progress - Essay Example

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Studying business is a task which enables a person to be well-equipped with the corporate world in which he will enter right after he is through with his studies. And therefore, business studies should also make a person learn practically how to deal with different situations and scenarios that he will face when he joins the fiercely competitive race of doing something and making a mark in the business world.
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Reviewing Progress
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Extract of sample "Reviewing Progress"

Download file to see previous pages Listening has more to do with the mind that the ear. These changes were necessary to make because if a person does not readily listen to his peers, subordinates, higher ups etc. he will never benefit from what they are trying to say to him. A person should always listen more than he speaks.
These changes have made me a successful learner because they enable to keep other's point of view before what I think and then evaluate them in a sensible and unbiased manner. It is important to listen in this world of business because if you do not listen and keep on talking, you will give away more information about yourself and your company than you intend to and others who are clever enough to keep quiet and listen to you will catch the hints from what you are saying and find an advantage from what they have heard from you. Moreover, listening in the workplace is so important if you want to learn better and be a good employee. All the time, your boss, your subordinates and your customers will be trying to tell you something. If the listening skills are developed well, it would get easy for you to accommodate everyone and solve their problems, answer their queries. Being a good listener opens ways for you to hit bright ideas for your company, the project you are working on etc.
3 Identify the transferable skills which you have as you have studied B200 and suggest how they will be of use in future study or other aspects of your work.
The listening skills that I have developed in this course will be very useful to me in my future study as well as other aspects of my work because this has helped develop an important aspect of my personality and I can rely on it to help me grow more in my educational career as well as my professional career. The listening skill, once developed, helps a person throughout his life because a bad listener always fails to take the utmost advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. In future study, the listening skill will be very helpful to help me listen to my teachers in other courses and understand what they are trying to educate me about. I will not just hear them; rather I will listen to them. Moreover, in other aspects of my work, it will help me communicate better with my peers.
1 Describe one activity you undertook during which you practiced your discussion skills
The activity that helped me practice my discussion skills is that of negotiation. There was a negotiation activity that I took part in and in which I had to negotiate with a second party about this problem that we were both facing regarding contract terms etc. in the activity, I played the Head of the union of workers that existed in the company whereas the other party was the top management of the company. The top management was not ready to raise the wages of the workers of the union and I, being the Head, had gone to talk to them and negotiate the matter in a way through which desirable results can be brought out in favor of both the parties. In this activity, first both parties were given a time of five minutes to practice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reviewing Progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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