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Color and Congenital Blindness - Essay Example

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In order to formally start this paper it is essential to state the crux of it all that is the definition of blindness, and more importantly color and congenital blindness. In general terms, the loss of vision and inability to perceive through sight owing to various psychosomatic abnormalities or physiological anomalies, is referred to as the state of being "blind".
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Color and Congenital Blindness
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Extract of sample "Color and Congenital Blindness"

Download file to see previous pages It is a very shoddy fallacy to suggest that one who is blind is unable to see anything at all as blindness has various segregated levels, each of which is measurable and each of which highlight the fact that there are various discrepancies in blindness itself. The group of people who are totally blind and cannot visualize and state such as those of darkness and light are called "NLPS". Then there are people who can partially identify illuminations of black and white (dark or bright) and finally there are people who not only identify but can also point out toward the direction of the lighting source. This further advocates the fact discussed above that blind people too have a partial sense of visualization.
Color blindness is another abnormal condition which is misunderstood. It is characterized by the incapability to evidently differentiate dissimilar colors of the band. The difficulties can range from mild to severe and generally color blind people do have partial vision. It is an ambiguous phrase since people with color sightlessness are not blind, while they generally visualize colors in a restricted variety of shades. Generally color blind people do have partial vision and it is very rare that those who are color blind may not see any colors at all.
a) The majority of the visual impairments are caused either by illness or by undernourishment. Both of them either affect the brain or straightforwardly harm the eye. There is a growing threat of congenital blindness in the countries that are facing a food scarcity and have not been able to overcome it.
b) The next factor that mostly influences the occurrence of blindness or color blindness is injury to the eye. Even though they are accidental in nature, such injuries can fully take away a human being's sight or the ability to distinguish between colors. Hence it is very important, that these injuries are treated as soon as possible to avoid complexities and further harmful implications.
c) Genes also have a major role to play in finding out whether a person is blind or not. On a general note, individuals with albinism experience from visual mutilation to the scope that majority are declared blind legally, despite the fact that only some of them are unable to see.
d) A minute bit of all cases of sightlessness is by means of the ingestion of some chemicals. A common example is a chemical known as methanol that is considered a cheaper and regular alternate for alcoholic beverages.
Now that we have discussed the various types and factors behind blindness it is necessary to observe how an eye works and consequently have a glance at the various reasons behind color blindness. The usual retina of a human being has a couple of types of light sensitive cells: the rod cells, which are vigorous in low light and the cone cells, which are lively in normal daylight. Generally, there are three kinds of cones, each containing a different pigment and in effect covering the entire gamut of colors. An irregularity in any one of theses comes is the reason for a human being to be color blind.
The main types of color blindness are stated as under:
a) Dichromatic: This case takes place when one of the cone pigments is absent and color is condensed to a couple of dimensions. The people affected by this try to use the remaining two cones to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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