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The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not to See - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper 'The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not to See' presents An Anthropologist on Mars which is a book consisting of seven chapters, each addressing a different case dealt with by the author on separate occasions…
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The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not to See
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Extract of sample "The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not to See"

Download file to see previous pages Each story describes different patient cases with different neurological conditions. In this essay, I will compare and contrast The Case of the Blind Painter and To See and Not to See for possible similarities and differences as they present distinguishing tales that are yet similar in some context.
The Case of the Blind Painter is about a 65-year-old artist and painter who lost the ability to distinguish color after he had a car accident, which damaged the vision center of his brain. Sacks admit that this case was one its kind due to its unique nature. Sacks had not come across such a case in his career before and had earlier understood that color blindness was a condition that people were born with, that is, it was congenital (4). The state of Jonathan I’s color blindness was such that he was unable to even see color and everything around him seemed as though he was watching a “black and white television screen” (Sacks, 3). The irony in this case is apparent as an artist develops an unusual condition, an individual for whom visual pleasure depends on the reception of color as color. Sacks agree as he puts how the incidence of the condition in a painter is “intriguing” because the color is “of primary importance” for such an individual (4). But now as the world becomes colorless for the 65-year-old painter, how will he add vibrancy to his artworks. As he himself describes, the “brown dog is dark grey”, “tomato juice is black” and color television is equivalent to a black and white television. The intensity of the neural condition together with the fact that the occurrence was sudden and permanent hits the patient with shock and distress.
Paradoxical as the story of the painter is, so is that of the subject in To See and Not To See where the title itself indicates a sense of irony in the situation where vision is restored to the patient who had, for nearly 40 years, living without sight. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not Book Report/Review, n.d.)
The Contrast between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not Book Report/Review.
(The Contrast Between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not Book Report/Review)
The Contrast Between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not Book Report/Review.
“The Contrast Between the Case of the Blind Painter and to See and Not Book Report/Review”.
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