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Diversity is the differences of the social and cultural individualities in the midst of individuals existing jointly in a distinct service or marketplace surroundings. The word social and cultural individualities have been used to symbolise the special relationships with certain category of people, in most cases, it refers to the race, sex, faith and the work occupation of the persons (Cox 2001, pg 3)…
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Managing Organisation
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Download file to see previous pages With this, they have generated difficulties to great performance for one and more reasons (Cox 2001, pg4). First, they have minimised the effectiveness of communication and thus increasing the disagreement among workers. This is due to the difference of the races of the people, in the workplace. They also go through low level of social desirability and display lower levels of commitment to the group, including increasing the cost of the organisation due to the discrimination that do exists in the workplaces.
Other challenges include things like opposition to change as some of the group of individual may not wish to accept the idea that the workplace strategies have to be changed. These can also being in difficulty in the implementation of diversity at the place of work policies.
These challenges can as well be an advantage to the organisation in such a away that the improve on the way the organisation solve their problems, they also increase the level of the originality and innovation of the workers within the organisation as they come across different people with different ideas thus influencing one another (Cox 2001,pg5). Other than that, the situations also increase the excellence of employees through better employment and maintenance of the worker.
There is also variety of viewpoint as well as there will be increased effective execution of their tasks in the organisation.
Question Two
To establish good and workable principles and rules at any workplaces, one has to come up with the rules that imitate the essential information of a good management. With this, each of the branch managers in the organisation has to define the rules at the station by their own name according to the business requirement in the section of the organisation. This is the most practical way to implement the rules by the managers at the workplaces as the rule will be practical to every section at the organisation depending on their type of the work or responsibility that they are expected to undertake to facilitate the growth of the organisation as a whole.
Question Three
For any organisation to be able to deliver quality products to the customers, they have to adopt a culture that they can be using to ensure that they meet the requirement of their client (Waller 1998). The organisation have to design and execute organisation arrangement that is optimized, this is usually done by dividing the quality organisation into two self-determining bodies and highlighted empowerment and responsibility in their sections. These involve the quality system and the quality engineering, from which the management assess the quality of the product fully before releasing it out to the customers. For this to be more effective in an organisation, they have to ensure that the entire product to be delivered to the customer it is inspected by the system to certify that the product is of good quality as expected.
Cox (2001): Challenge of Managing Diversity. Retrieved from on 15th December pp 2-10
eller D.J (1998): Unfasten Culture for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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