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Successful Music Publication - Essay Example

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A successful music publication, is solely not going to be a hit one without the music itself. Naturally speaking, why would someone be utterly interested in the ventures of a music publication when he himself is not even an avid music fan. Whether the music publications sells itself through whatever means; whether it be in the traditional form of print, as exemplified by magazines like the NME, or the online magazine, to make it accessible to the home chaps and internet users…
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Successful Music Publication
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Download file to see previous pages The keys to be successful in this venture is by analyzing different aspects of how the publication will possibly survive in competition such as this one. The competition among music publications is undoubtedly very tight, and even more imposing is the fact that so many publications have already held their ground and established their names as household names, benchmarks in the industry, namely the KERRANG, SNIFFING and NME, all of which have made names for themselves in the 1980's. It is sheer impossibility to surpass the name established by those popular magazine, it is even more difficult to get even closer, but what should be kept in mind is that is not the goal that should be hurriedly achieved. What should be the first in considerations is how to turn the heads of music blokes, along with their curiosities.
Until now, KERRANG, NME and SNIFFING are still enjoying relative popularity like their other counterparts. As the researcher had earlier done, having visited the websites of the aforementioned music publications, the three of them possess almost all of the same qualities that contribute to their existence after decades.
Their w
Their websites are all very eye-catching, all of them are attention-grabbers because of the loud colors and enticing headlines they possess. NME, KERRANG and SNIFFING all give a chance of publicity to new artists, and yet they never neglect the great artists of yesterday along with their immortal hits. An example is the front webpage of NME dated May 12, 2007, posted is the black and white picture of the Beatles, and yet they have links to news concerning artists of this generation. That is a vivid example of how they prioritize their readership. Another aspect they share is they all have the opinion section, for the readers and website browsers to post their opinions regarding anything, about music, the magazine or the website itself, or even their suggestions. The posting of these suggestions on their sites and their print magazines is a surefire way to establish a personal relationship with the readers, making them feel that they are of utmost priority.
In the aspect of the news, without the evidence of reading every issue of these magazines and their websites, the researcher noticed that their news is very well-written, especially the headlines. But they are in no way offensive to the readers and they are not even showing a hint of bias towards their posting of news. This is the proof that all music publications should by all means be honest about news, they should give sheer priority to the delivery of accurate statistics, and in-depth and yet impartial analysis of music news around the world.
These three music publications have their own style and originality, shown by their mere taglines. NME has the tagline "First for Music News," while for KERRANG, it is "the world's biggest-selling weekly rock magazine." The taglines are proofs of their originality. They are still enjoying success because of the things that they have done and still doing up until today.
Task 2 - Chosen Music Genre
I choose pop music. Why Because virtually all music lovers are indulged in this genre, all ages, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Successful Music Publication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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