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The Jungle - Book Report/Review Example

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The main points of the book are capitalism and socialism. The author wrote it in order to arouse the sleeping minds of the Americans. Well, the author indeed achieved his objective of letting the Americans know what was happened in the past why does America experience this type of predicament.
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The Jungle
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Extract of sample "The Jungle"

Download file to see previous pages These are all based on his observance of all what's going on with the country's leaders - its corruption and it's over-use of power.
It perfectly reflects everything that is going on with the present political and social life of each American in the early 20th century. The story depicts the daily activities of the highest ranking officials of the government and how they punish each American without committing any fault at all. My personal opinion on this was that we really do not know what happened in the past and that we only based our present opinions on the opinions on our current sociologists and historians.
6. What were the problems immigrants faced at the turn of the twentieth century Are those problems still evident How or how not is that the case That is, what has changed or not changed in the last hundred years for immigrants
The immigrants faced a very challenging role in the society. They were allowed to enter but were ridiculed and others experienced not so good treatment especially with the government. As we go along with these happenings; treatment for immigrants has seemed to be evolving. They are now are treated equally according to law.
7. What does the book say about socialism versus capitalism What are Sinclair's greatest criticisms of capitalism Do you find Sinclair's points valid Why or why not (Consider this in both the context of the past and the present.) If things were so bad for immigrants, why didn't socialism spread more in America in the early twentieth century
The book focused more of socialism over capitalism. The emphasis that Sinclair made in relation to capitalism was that it does not promote equal opportunity between Government and Private sectors. I do actually believe on Sinclair's premise on socialism versus capitalism in such a way that with socialism it helps the Government have a full control of everything thus whenever there will be some errors we already know that it is the Government to whom we shall point to. The reason being why does socialism didn't even went successful in the early twentieth century was that everything is being governed by the powerful and private people. Whoever gets the biggest share in the market shall be the one to over rule the society.

8. What did you like most and least about the book
One thing that I like most with this book is that it bravely reflects of what have had happened in the past. It criticized well the wrong doings of all evil leaders of the society. The least that I like the book is that it was constructed so long to the point that it makes the readers get so bored with it. It should have gotten direct and straight to the point.

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The Jungle Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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