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As people come and go in this material world, one meets diverse human of different races, color and creed. No matter how people take the world into their hands and making choices as it is a free will, sometimes this make them an endeavor of attaining their desires into their hands…
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English-zen story
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Human Nature As people come and go in this material world, one meets diverse human of different races, color and creed. No matter how people take the world into their hands and making choices as it is a free will, sometimes this make them an endeavor of attaining their desires into their hands. People are people as some may says. Committing mistakes yet not knowing how to learn from mistakes at times. Is freedom limited and hemmed in to some only
A Zen master living in a simple yet contented life has something to give to others. Particularly in the story, the thief was trying to resources out something at the master's dwelling as his nature is to do stealing. Yet, when he was caught by the master, instead of rebuking him for his misdeeds, the master felt pity and gave his clothes. This was a virtue of sharing since the prowler came long down to visit without getting something out. The thief was amazed. He accepted the gift and ran away. The master then was pondering the poor thief by wishing to give him the moon.
In the short Zen story, human nature is manifested. It is natural to human to seek and desire to obtain what they need for survival. The thief did whatever to sustain his desire of having things even in a wrong way. While the master living contented in a small hut has everything he needs in his way to live out happily. He did not even think twice about giving his clothes to the thief but he showed care and love. The moon represents the naturally bountiful of needs which human needs. If only the thief though of any other way of means to survive, the earth which is the human habitat has created by God with complete things which the basic needs of human are ample. One must only be resourceful in the rightful way. The earth's resources are free and abundant. What human need to do is to make use of it in the right approach.
Freedom is always there but there are limitations. Freedom is freedom in true sense when it is utilized in the rightful way. It is not limited and bounded to some but is for everybody. The Zen master desires that he may perhaps inspire on this enlightenment that he bring into being to others. Read More
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