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Orange juice target market - Essay Example

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The product is an Orange juice. The product is a normal consumer good that is not durable and is full of nutrients and energy. The orange juice is very famously drank by everyone around the world and so here. The pricing is according to the ingredients used by the manufacturers and apart from that the target market has been kept as the factor in deciding the price…
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Orange juice target market
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Extract of sample "Orange juice target market"

Download file to see previous pages The customer service is covered by giving a number on the back of the packaging to contact in case of further information, problems and suggestions.
The advertisement is properly designed for its desired target market as it has both its USP placed at the front of the package in order to make the customer know what the manufacturers are offering. The saving option that the juice offers is also written on the package.
The product is simply Apple juice, it's a normal consumer non durable good that has nutrients and gives energy plus the taste of apple is sweeter than that of orange hence making it more preferred among Apple Juice lovers. The pricing has been done keeping in mind a low profit margin and cost of ingredients. The target market is an essential factor in this case to decide the price of the product. The promotion is done by advertisement and signboards plus the one USP of the product that it does not have any added sugar. The quality of the packaging is also less enhanced and attractive. The distribution is at all the vendors of juices, bakeries, grocery stores and super stores that are located near the potential customers of this product. ...
The customer service is maintained through a mail address that is provided at the back the customer who has a query can write to the company to get the desired information.
The product promotion technique and the USP is telling that its designed for the lower and the lower middle class people. The saving option with this product is higher than the offer with the previous product. The packaging is also not that expensive as compared to the last product.
Campbell's V8 Juice
This juice targets the upper middle class and the upper class, which is diet conscious and need energy through out the day plus the people who love carrot juice.
The product is the carrot juice manufactured by Campbell. The product offers energy boost and carrot juice also helps in finishing blood problems. The pricing is based on four factors the major one being the class that the product is catering to, then comes the profit margin and the cost of ingredients that the company bares and in the end the brand name. The promotion is done through television advertisement and banners. Other techniques used are the USP of the product, that include the level of energy it provides plus removing the major problems that can arise in the blood of people. Distribution channel is through the vendors, juice and cold drink stores and all the major super store of the country. The shelve position is also a vital one hence the customer can locate the product easily. The juice is easily available around the country in any location. The customer service is handled through calls, emails and mails. The queries are answered immediately and appropriately. Suggestions to improve the product are also welcomed by the manufacturers, as they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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