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Fruit and Vegetables in Australian Market - Essay Example

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Australia is a country so huge that it is considered a continent. In terms of size, it is the sixth largest country in the world, but with a population of only 20 million. The country is very vast and diverse with sparse population density within its interiors…
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Fruit and Vegetables in Australian Market
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Download file to see previous pages Agriculture does not play a dominant role in the economy of the country and its share of Gross Domestic Product is only three percent. "Gross farm product (GFP), which is a measure of the value added in production contributed by businesses classified to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Subdivision 01 (Agriculture). In 1999-2000 GFP was calculated to be $17.6 billion, or just under 3% of gross domestic product." (7113.0- Agriculture, Australia, 1999-2000 2006). Still the country produces a wide variety of crops including fruits and vegetables. Even though Australia is self sufficient in agriculture, the country also imports fruits vegetables and other agricultural commodities mainly due to rising process of domestic produce and increased demand. "The report says that the rising population and demand, low productivity growth and increasing Australian horticultural prices relative to world prices, will place considerable pressure on imports." (Australia: Imports Threaten Fruits and Veges 2008). It would be pertinent to find out how the producers from different parts of this vast country are able to market their produce to the local population. The backbone of the fruit and vegetable market in the country is handled by what is known as the Australian Central Markets. There are six central markets in the country and it is responsible for handling a majority of the fresh produce in the country. "The majority of Australia's fresh produce is either traded or transhipped through Australia's central markets." (About the Market). The concept was a recent one that started operations in 2001 with the purpose of streamlining the wholesale market of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the country. According the above mentioned website, the Central Market Association of Australia is the coordinating agency of the six central markets who are members of this nodal agency. The six member association spread representing nearly all of the fruit and vegetable market in the country are The Adelaide Produce Markets Limited, Brisbane Markets Limited, Melbourne Market Authority, Newcastle Market Pty Ltd., Perth Market Authority and Sydney Markets Ltd. The market is not open for business by individuals for domestic use. This study will focus only on the Melbourne Market Authority since it is representative of the whole country. This market comprises of nearly 600 producer and wholesaler outlets and 140 wholesale trading units. The website says that "Over 1800 individual fruit and vegetable buyers representing independent greengrocers, supermarkets, restaurants and food processors source their produce direct from the Market. Many more receive deliveries and consignments from the Markets." Hence this figure also represents the retail market of the country. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are available for purchase and resale. About 86 varieties of fruits and nearly eighty five varieties of vegetables are available here which is ultimately made available to the individual consumers. It includes apples to bananas, beetroot, breadfruit, Changko Manis, Chive (Onion Chives), Currant (Red Currant), Fig, Gooseberry, Hogg Plum, lemon, Loganberry, Mango, Olive, Pea Shelling, Potato, Strawberry, Turnip, Winged Bean etc. (Market Fresh News 2008). This list is just to show the wide variety of common and exotic fruits and vegeta ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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