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Life on Mars (Earth Science Course) - Essay Example

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Man believes in extraterrestrial life since pre-historic era. These beliefs were fundamentally supernatural in those days. Heavenly religions also indicated presence of other worlds. In early modern era Bruno proposed other planets and possibility of life on them…
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Life on Mars (Earth Science Course)
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"Life on Mars (Earth Science Course)"

Download file to see previous pages Space explorations opened new avenues and enhanced expectations of discovery of extraterrestrial life. Scientists describe six basic environmental conditions suitable for expected life. If an environment contain all these six environmental conditions within prescribed limits then it can be expected that life may exist there. The data collected by space probes negates the presence of advanced life on other planets of our solar system. But the presence of primitive life in past on some of the planets including Mars can not be ruled out.
As stated above it is almost certain that no advanced life exists in the planets of solar system. But the efforts for effort for detecting primitive life in our solar system are going on. It is also believed that life can come into view because of changes of organic matter from nonorganic. It is also assumed that same process resulted in emergence of life on earth. Many scientists like
American chemists Stanley L. Miller and Harold C. Urey gave experimental support for this assumption presented by Oparin. The similar organic activity was detected on Mars by the Viking landers in 1976. ( "Exobiology." The Columbia Encyclopedia. 6th ed. 2004. )
It is generally accepted that that Mars once had water, on the basis of this acceptance it is supposed that once life would have existed on the red planet in its primitive stage. Some evidences are presented in the support of this supposition in the form of reported presence of fossil bacterial life on Martian meteorite. But his evidence is not widely accepted and many scientists are of the view that it is not enough to arrive at a correct conclusion.
1.4 Fossil bacterial life found on a Martian meteorite
Scientists are of the view that enough evidence of microscopic bacteria fossils was found on some the meteorites fell on various countries. In France Orgeuil meteorite fell in 1864 and on some other meteorites traces of organic material were found that indicate presence of microscopic creatures like bacteria. But another group of scientists think that the organic material was the result of some other factors and the evidences were not correctly interpreted. It is also not certain that these mateorits came from Mars
Keeping in view all the above discussed information and interpretions, it is the primary aim this to analyze and discuss the possibilities of life on Mars.
2. Chronological Order
Famous American Scientist Sagan Edward is known for his popular investigation of Radio emissions from Planets of Solar system. He was one of the first scientists made some correct predictions about Mars that were later found correct. He was instrumental in changing perception about Mars in those days.
2.1 The early orbiter evidences
The information acquired from the data provided by early orbiters suggests that early Mars had a warm and wet atmosphere. Life can exist in such type of claim. But this type of atmosphere must have existed in the remote past.
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