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Language policy and planning process and procedure in the Arab world have been subject an ever increasing Arabization process that has, invariably, been characterized by a linguistic and cultural transformation. This proposal is intended to look at this Arabization process that has pervaded the strategic policy and planning environment in the Arab world with greater emphasis on the linguistic and cultural dimensions.
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Proposal to apply in Phd program in applied linguistics
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Download file to see previous pages Monolithic Arabization of language policy and planning in an equally autochthonous environment of transformation would more likely produce some hetero-linguistic phenomena such as surrealist literature on the subject of linguistic dynamism and context-centric adaptation (Coulmas, 1994).
The institutional parameters that have been put in place in countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have basically helped in this process of Arabization of policy and planning environments (Sharkey, 2008). This study would be focused on the institutional, governmental and academic influences on linguistic transformation of the Arab society.
This proposal attempts to identify the underlying causes of Arabization with a view to understanding a very significant body of knowledge that has been either ignored or less emphasized due to convenience and as an effort to avoid embarrassment. Arabization is not a simple process of language and culture enrichment. In fact it is a rigorous effort at acculturating an otherwise independent linguistic process of enrichment. This process requires to be explained in greater detail with particular emphasis on the merits and demerits of linguistic acculturation of a societal paradigm.

Literature Review
The literature review of this research effort would focus attention on the dynamic relations between Arabization of language policy and planning environments within the Arab world as already existing literature ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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