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Critical Thinking Master - Case Study Example

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Critical Thinking is very essential for a business in order to solve complex & conflicting situation where one or more options are available for the next steps but not evident apparently. It is a structured process involving unbiased & reflective thinking by comparing evidence and opinions from different perspectives of an issue (Springer and Borthick, 2004…
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Critical Thinking Master Case Study
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Extract of sample "Critical Thinking Master"

Download file to see previous pages The commitments by his team members or his Boss regarding iScanner are not valid because they do not know the bigger picture.
Pat is trying to put her weight on him because she holds a senior designation in the company.
Marketing personnel have the habit to jump to conclusions in the spurt of their aggression without trying to understand the product capabilities and positioning in a market segment.
Pat hasn't done her homework in estimating the sales performance of the proposed product.
Chris hasn't done his homework in concluding the budgetary figures
The Organization hasn't developed any new product for more than a decade and hence lacks expertise in the same.
Chris said yes to the plan under pressure from Pat and Cliff. He has not given due diligence from his side as well.
Assumptions by Pat Lambert:
Pat has a sound retail background and hence feels that her thoughts about the market are more powerful than survey reports and data analysis.
She is more than convinced about the success of her idea.
Getting into an innovation will ensure ample time to Pat thus taking her away from immediate revenue target pressures
After reading the high level specifications of the iScanner software, Pat assumed that slight modifications in the product will make it suitable to be used in the application of her thought.
Pat got a positive response from Kelly in a discussion that, in the perspective of Pat was a serious discussion while Kelly assumed that it is a casual discussion out of curiosity. Pat took his positive reply as "Technical Approval".
An approval from Chris is good enough for her to build a proposal to Cliff. Kelly is too junior to be involved in the bigger picture at this...
Kelly is proud to be the key architect of the iScanner Software and hence assumes that no plans in the company pertaining to this product can be successful without his approvals. He got mad when he came across a number of features defined by Pat that were discussed with his Boss and the CEO but not with him.
He is not worried about the safety of his job in the company. Whatever might happen to others in the organization, he is convinced that his job cannot be taken because he is indispensable for the organization.
Pat got a positive response from Kelly in a discussion that, in the perspective of Pat was a serious discussion while Kelly assumed that it is a casual discussion out of curiosity. Pat took his positive reply as "Technical Approval".
An approval from Chris is good enough for her to build a proposal to Cliff. Kelly is too junior to be involved in the bigger picture at this stage and specifically when he has already given his so called "Technical Approval".
Pat thought that after seeing the approvals from Cliff and Chris, Kelly will immediately get to work (given his level in the company, he is not supposed to question her decision and their approvals). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Thinking Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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