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Assessing General George Thomas - Essay Example

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Millions of individuals have taken part in military conflicts throughout history. Battles that have not only shaped the lives and perspectives of the individuals who have fought them but also, the general public who have been faced with the resulting consequences after the fighting has ended…
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Assessing General George Thomas
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Download file to see previous pages In his early days, George would show his feelings towards the disenfranchised, despite the consequences present at the time. In this case, "George Henry Thomas was born July 31, 1816, at Newsom's Depot, VA. Growing up on a plantation, Thomas was one of many who violated the law and taught his family's slaves to read," ("", p.1). From a personal standpoint, Thomas' desire to help those despite the presence of existing laws against such help at the time, would show a sense of character and consideration for those around him. At a point in time, George would seek to pursue a career in law. Such a career path choice, would last for only a short period of time. It would be at this period in time that George would elect to enroll at West Point.
While at the academy, one of his associates would be William T. Sherman, who shared a room with the young Thomas. At this point in time, "Becoming friendly rivals, Thomas soon developed a reputation among the cadets for being deliberate and cool-headed. Graduating 12th in his class, Thomas was commissioned as a second lieutenant and assigned to the artillery," ("", p.1). By having a mentality of sharp thinking and level headedness, it would enable Thomas to effectively execute his responsibilities to the men and his unit and better serve the cause.
The com
The commanding officer which George would have had during the Second Seminole conflict that took place in Florida, described him in this manner, "I never knew him to be late or in a hurry. All his movements were deliberate, his self-possession was supreme...," ("", p.1). By taking into consideration the appraisal of George Thomas by his commanding officer, it would further outline a man who would possess an attitude towards structure and a conviction for steadfast behavior.
General Thomas' career would essentially begin with the Mexican American War. During this conflict, Thomas would be provided with the opportunity to increase his held rank not once, but in fact would do it twice. With regards to the Civil War, George Thomas would see his career begin in one area and then shift to another as time would go on. He would take part in the conflict known as the First Battle of Manassas but in the end, would be transferred to what would be referred to as the western theatre for the remainder of the war.
In reference to the time after Thomas would arrive in the western region of the battle front, "Thomas began his time in the Western Theater by commanding an independent force in eastern Kentucky, which defeated Confederate forces at Mill Springs in early 1862," ("George Thomas", p.1). As one of the battles that Thomas would be a part of, this battle would provide to be essential. In these terms, "This battle is seen as one of the first important Union victories in the war," ("George Thomas", p.1). For this battle to have been considered an important aspect of the victories seen by the union movement that would only serve to elevate George Thomas, to an even higher standing within the military hierarchy of status and importance.
It would be during the same year as the victory seen at Mill Springs that George Thomas would see another increase in rank. This time, he would in fact become a Major General and would take, "..command of four divisions from Grant's former Army of the Tennessee and one from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessing General George Thomas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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