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Running head: HISTORY QUESTIONS History Questions (name) (school) (date) History Questions What did the saying “All men are created equal” mean to Thomas Jefferson when he wrote it? What does it mean to you today? When Thomas Jefferson wrote the saying “All men are created equal,” he meant that all men whether they be slaves or free men were created equal and they had the same rights and opportunities…
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History Questions : Thomas Jeffersons All men are created equal
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"History Questions : Thomas Jefferson's 'All men are created equal'"

Download file to see previous pages He was indeed a slave owner, however, he considered slavery a despicable crime and a fatal blight on the country’s stance on democracy (American Revolution and Founding Era, n.d). Despite his condescending attitude towards the slaves, he still held firm to his belief that all men are born as free people. Jefferson also declared in a case that all people enter the world with their right to their personal liberty. Jefferson was very much against the actions of Britain which waged war against human nature, as it went against life and the liberty of people. This was a practice which was also against the teachings of Christianity, and the British Empire was advocating teachings which kept the market of men alive. For which reason, Jefferson came up with the saying with the full determination that all men are born as equals. At present this saying means that all men must have the right to determine his future, and that no one must impede and interfere with this right. These equal rights also mean equal opportunities and responsibilities which must, in the end, be respected by society and by government authorities. I do not consider Jefferson’s saying in the light of his actions as a slave owner, but I consider them as important principles upon which the democratic principles of our great nation are built. These principles must be understood in the context of freedom and as a collective declaration of the founding fathers as free people – and their personal actions must not be made to cloud their declarations for our country. What were the benefits of adopting the Constitution over continuing to use the Articles of Confederation? What were the drawbacks of adopting the Constitution? If you lived during this period in history, which of the philosophies would you have supported? Explain your choice. The Constitution of the US was better able to cope with the challenges of the central government of the US. The Articles of Confederation were devised as a provision for a struggling nation and it did not work well under the beginnings of a strong central government, and still not considering the significant power of the states. In order for the US to survive in the aftermath of the Civil War, the Articles of Confederation had to make way to the Constitution. The government described under the Articles of Confederation was a weak government because there was no central power which would have been attributed to a chief executive officer; there was also no federal authority; and the House of Congress was limited in its actions (Streich, 2008). The Articles of Confederation was represented by one vote each in the congress for the thirteen states, without considering state population. Such imbalance in representation meant that states with a significant population would have the same allocations as smaller states. Such weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were resolved by the constitution through the bicameral Congress which featured equal representation for the Senate and the House of Representatives based on population distribution. Based on the Articles of Confederation, the House of Congress was not allowed to collect taxes of manage the trading among the states. Moreover, laws could only be passed by a vote of 9 out of 13. However, under the Constitution, laws are passed if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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