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Thomas Jefferson: Independence Through the Power of Pen - Essay Example

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For years prior to their liberation, American people embraced the traditions introduced to them by their colonizers. These practices were being adopted also on how the government dealt with its affairs, which led them to backwardness. …
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Thomas Jefferson: Independence Through the Power of Pen
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Download file to see previous pages But his weakness in speech, gave way to hone his excellent writing skills (Morse). Malone revealed that Thomas Jefferson’s political career took place when he was in College. His advocacy to be a representative sprung up when he became friends with Patrick Henry. Before he was admitted to the bar, he witnessed how politics works and became very interested. At that point he decided to be a candidate in Albemarle County (Morse). The World of Politics According to Rayner, before he became the third president of the United States in 1800, Thomas took a seat on the House of Burgesses, a year after he passed the Bar. He ran and won as representative in the Congress. Though, refused to serve in the said house after he was re-elected, and chose to seat on the House of Burgesses again. In 1779, Jefferson served as Virginia’s governor. After his term as governor, Thomas was appointed as Minister to France. He was tasked to help in the negotiation of commercial treaties between the United States and France. President Washington designated him to be the Secretary of State. He was elected as Vice President in 1797. Written Works The Declaration of Independence When Thomas Jefferson became a president in 1800, he was able to produce as papers and drafted several significant laws that led its country to its present status now. As a liberal thinker and writer, Thomas penned some of the most significant laws in the United States. One of his notable works is the draft of the Declaration of Independence. In Memoirs (Jefferson), correspondence, and private papers, Volume 1, Thomas, as the proponent of the Declaration of Independence, proclaimed that the...
Thomas Jefferson is a man of ideals. He was fair, but not rude. He knew that people should be able to exercise their rights according to law of God and the law of nature. He wanted to make the United States of America to the ideal place to live in. The power of liberty and equal protection and rights of the people were his legacy. He led his country to a metanoia which help the country to achieve its present status. As a young man, he already knew the things that needed change. Change to further improve one’s quality of life. He proved that all men are created equal and should be afforded the same rights. Rich or poor should be able to reap the fruits of liberty in every aspect of their life. Their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness must be exercised by every people. However, such rights should not be exhausted as to create chaos. He believes that what is due to a person must be given to him, but should be able to know their limitations. Jefferson also believes that two strong walls can be so called friends and can maintain their grandeur if they are to be separated. He knows that one cannot work on its own and cannot imposed laws which he thinks lawful and applicable to the pressing issues, if the other will impose limitations and will keep on rejecting its opinion. Another significant work that he did is the abolition of laws which promotes slavery. Such drafting of a new constitution for Virginia is very remarkable because, though he came from a family of slaveholders, he was still able to relate with the sympathies of the people who worked for him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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