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Healthy People 2010 - Essay Example

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The goals set for Healthy People 2010 are very much pointed at Public Health. All of the goals have a public health component and many will and are being managed by public health. Nursing has, for quite some time been growing in its education background as well as that of research and community behaviors…
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Healthy People 2010
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Download file to see previous pages The APN whose training is now in advanced theoretical concepts with added elements of practice and the use of the nursing framework is imminently qualified to assure this process takes place (Kohr, 1998). The APN is now a leader in developing nursing practice through provision of leadership and maintenance of a commitment to developing nursing practice, using her authority and power to influence clinical and policy decisions and providing clinical development.
The goal that is chosen affects much of the communities need. In strengthening community prevention it is meant through education, community based programs and interventions and the reduction in violence and abusive behavior, all of which the APN is innately trained to handle through her collaborative and communicative style and abilities (Stanhope and Lancaster, 2008). She is also well able to handle these issues based on her strong clinical nursing background on which she has built the knowledge that she presently has.
The values that have grounded the practice of an APN are advocacy, holism, nursing experience, integration or theory into practice and added medical functions in a nursing framework. Each of these parts of her practice that have come from grounded nursing theory are the strengths that will help guide her through the changes in practices and processes that will need to occur in the community to meet the new goal.
The APN has at her disposal the deliberate, purposeful, and integrated use of expanded nursing knowledge which she has expanded from her original clinical ability. She uses knowledge , research, and that expertise in clinical practice to know what has to be done to advance the concept while at the same time she uses her collaborative skills to work with the rest of the team toward change (Ingersoll, 2000). The use of evidence based practice to help in the change of the processes that are needed to protect the public health falls within the new expertise of the APN.
A strong and thorough understanding of evidence based practice coupled with the ability to understand and conduct good research is important in developing interventions to improve prevention. The development of an intervention is strongly research based and the development and evaluation of that prevention requires the understanding of statistical and data based information.
During the change process necessary to institute much of the work that must be done for each of these interventions, another strong talent of the APN will be used and that is her leadership ability. This nurse will lead teams with confidence and collaboration. She will organize and move forward on initiatives that have only been discussed before. Healthcare will change very rapidly in the next few years, even more rapidly than ever before. The power and ability of the RN has been far underused in the past considering her education and expertise in clinical care but now the APN has placed herself in a position that provides her with enough power to make change (Kohr, 1998)
Strengthening community prevention affects all parts of the community. When good prevention initiatives are put into place the community as a whole is served. The APN is an advocate of the community. In this position, she is able to advocate for those that need it the most, assuring that their need is part of the community policy that is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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