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AMP ENERGY DRINK - Essay Example

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AMP Energy Drink was introduced in the year 2001. PepsiCo started its distribution under the brand, Mountain Dew. This beverage recorded enormous popularity and dragged the company's market and attained the position of base trade flavor formula…
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Extract of sample "AMP ENERGY DRINK"

Download file to see previous pages In the starting of year 2007, they lured their consumers with an added flavor of cherry.
AMP Energy was again in the news in March 2008 with the launch of three new line extensions; AMP Energy Elevate, AMP Energy Relaunch and AMP Energy Traction. AMP Energy Relaunch is studded with a pinch of orange citrus flavor, Electrolytes and B-vitamins. AMP Energy Traction will provide soothe with grape flavor, Maltodextrin and D-ribose. Where as AMP Energy Elevate contains a mixed berry flavor and L-Theanine. These products are available on the stores in the packing of 16 oz. single-serve cans. AMP Energy Relaunch is also available in 16 oz. 4-packs.
CCL Container and Mistic Brands, Inc. came together for the national launch of Mistic R and for the first time, recyclable aluminum bottle was used. Then onwards, many energy drinks have started using aluminum bottle cans produced by CCL.
According to Carolyn Green in "Power Up", the primary consumers of this segment of beverages are below 30-35 years of age and are predominantly male. Teenagers and students are major target market elements for the companies and fall in the age group of 12 to 30 years (Green, 2006). Also, as per the reports, high sugar level energy drinks are comparatively more popular among children and women, contrary to the strong taste and flavor energy drinks which are preferred mainly by male consumers. Around 65% of the energy drinks market comprises of male consumers.
A large number of energy drinks products are available in the market. The first group consists of various tea and coffee with green tea. The next group consists of traditional energy drinks like Red Bull and few others. A number of experiments have been carried out in this emerging segment of beverage market like the combination of energy drinks with alcohol like "Hair of the Dog". Also, the combination of energy drinks and smart drinks has struck the market with brands like NOS.
In U.S., energy drinks were introduced in the year 1997 with the entrance of Red Bull (Malinauskas et. al, 2007). The energy drink market reached around $4001 million per fiscal year by 2001. The market valuation in 2005 was around $42 billion. The entire energy drink concept was created in Japan in early 1960s with the creation of Lipovitan.
The major market regions of the energy drinks industry, according to a 2004 survey are (Marketing research, Researchwikis):
Market Share (%)
Asia Pacific
North America
Marketing Objective and Communication Objective
Dale Earnhardt Jr. is also proved to be beneficial for Amp promotions. His constant performance is acting as the thrust to this brand. Amp has featured him in ads, limited edition cans and has also created a promo where around 70,000 consumers can autograph his car.
As per the reports, the soft drink market is worth around $56 billion with the sports drink market of around $4 billion. This segment is recording an annual growth of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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AMP ENERGY DRINK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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