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Benchmarking - Essay Example

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The subject of the report is Benchmarking .Wherein Internal Benchmarking and External Benchmarking will specifically be discussed. Furthermore, the purpose of the report on the following pages will be twofold:
Since the purpose of the report is twofold, we will initially be choosing on an organization and then subsequently on one of its processes…
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Extract of sample "Benchmarking"

Download file to see previous pages The concept and the basic idea of being able to use the process of Imaging is not a very new one. But yet it seems that the thought of using images for billing and other purposes has completely taken over all organizations that exist, including Canon.
Being, a company that provides Hi-tech products to make processes easier for other organizations and their departments. Canon makes sure that they use the best technology and the smartest billing system both online, and in person for all its customers around the globe.
It is basically aimed at efficient visual storage. Along , with the huge task of being able to recover orders, both purchase and sales. This genre also includes other vital documentations that the organizations need to do while processing bills of their customers at the billing department. These include both the consumers and the corporate clients.
Further more the aim of the billing department is the use of the latest technological resources produced by the company itself like The BP-1000 billing machine, Canon Image RUNNER line, Universal Send providing flawless alteration of paper documents into digital files Canon Image WARE Document Manager Etc.
Also the use of, Canon's high-powered, magneto-optical-disk technology. Known as the Cano file 250 is able to provide the department a storage and processing capacity of can 6,000 letter-size pages per disk side. It also enables scanning of documents i.e. 40 pages per minute and these too are letter sized ones
Canon's aim is at making the process convenient for both the aspects i.e. Consumer billing and corporate Billing. The further aim is also being able to increase the processing speed of bills , the company also wants to aim at lesser paper waste or expense , and last but not the least it tends to facilitate the process of customer convenience both corporate and consumer in relation to the billing of their orders and purchases .
The procedure for customer billing entails, their use of an image reading machine which captures the product id's image, runs it through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benchmarking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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... which includes internal, external and best practice. About 70% of the fortune 500 companies goes for benchmarking companies like Ford Motor Company had benchmarked its function of account payable against Mazda Motor. Studies have shown that top management usually does not support the benchmarking. Mangers should not be discouraged from the process of benchmarking. It provides managers to know their goals through the data (Bernardin, 2008, p.222). According to Betts, there are people who perceive that their individual performance is better than actually it is which is also termed as the Lake Wobegon effect. Betts have conducted a research to seek if these phenomena are also present when the employees are asked to give their views...
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..., cost and time as per the performance of the business. In the business world, this process of benchmarking is used as a tool to improve and compete with the other better business practices. The management of the business uses the results of comparing their practices with others, and then they evaluate their performance, and how they are achieving their targets to be successful than the others. Performance can be measured in benchmarking using indicators which measure cost per unit, productivity per unit of measure, defects per unit of measure and these results in a performance metrics which is used to compare to the others. Mostly this process of benchmarking is used in strategic management. It helps the organizations to evaluate...
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.... In addition, it aims at identifying Auburn city’s business sustainability gaps and giving necessary recommendations for improvements. This benchmarking report outlines the methodology used to select the comparative organizations, Moreland and Conroe. Also, it provides a detailed comparison of Auburn city to both Moreland and Conroe as far as environmental, economic and social sustainability is concerned. This is followed by identification of Auburn’s business sustainability gaps and provision of action plans that are considered appropriate for the desired outcomes. The report ends in a conclusion stating the general significance of sustainable development to business organizations. 2.0 Scope and Nature of the Research...
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.... In this report the two companies selected for the benchmarking or comparison are not only the leading companies in their industry but also on of the biggest companies overall in the global ranking. The report gives the detailed comparison of Apple and Microsoft complete analysis have been made in order to get a conclusion regarding the performance of both companies in comparison to each other. Financial analysis of the companies is very detailed it is based on horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis of the company that if of the past three years of the financial statements of the company. Non-financial analysis studies both the external and internal environment of the company and the technique of SWOT analysis have been...
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...and competitors. The concept of quality and delivery schedules got more importance than price. It also became possible to evaluate the performances of the various vendors against benchmarking and ABC analysis made them perform better if they wanted continued patronage from the Purchaser. The Purchaser too became accountable as his track record now became transparent and in turn his position became respectable in the company. These actions finally grow into Best Practices. Best Practices evolve over a period of experimentation and result in setting parameters of quality and terms. In the past ten years, benchmarking has become a common practice in purchasing departments (Carr and Smeltzer, 1999). This...
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...Part I The business world in the 21st century has become an extremely competitive environment in which corporation seeks alternative arrangements to join forces with other players to ensure it’s current and long term survival. Some of the options available for the two companies to interchange resources are joint ventures, strategic alliances, hostile takeover, minority ownership, partnerships and exporting. The Lester Electronics scenario demonstrates a case in which many players are negotiating and evaluating different alternatives to buy equity sell equity or join forces with another player in the industry. Lester Electronics had an exclusivity agreement to purchase its electronic supplies from Shangwa – Electronics... I The business world ...
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Project Management - Benchmarking

...eficial search for, and application of significantly better practices that leads to superior vigorous performances. An efficient and enduring mechanism for organisations to determine areas they can enhance in view of their objectives, targets and existing approaches as well as functions (BEST, 2004: 5). It is thus the evaluation of both the performance of the organization’s systems and the how those systems function against the pertinent yardstick firms to gain useful tactics for growth (Reh, 2009). In project management, benchmarking identifies instruments, project administration, dexterity and individuals as the decisive segments to use as their benchmarks. The finest methods in vital, running, and closure of the projects are thus...
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If Overestimation of Performance is Common, Management Attempts to Introduce Benchmarking Procedures are Likely to Meet with Employee Resistance

.... Furthermore, when we analyze the statement, management attempt to introduce benchmarking procedures what comes to mind is that the organization at its current state lacks these procedures. This essentially implies that management will be engaging in a change effort. Kotter (96) reminds us that change efforts are done under many banners. The basic goal for introducing benchmarking procedures is to make fundamental changes in how the business is conducted in order to help it cope with new, more challenging market environments. Kotter’s statement confirms this to be a change effort. For this reason we find the need to discuss this question from two viewpoints: firstly as a Lake Wobegon effect challenge...
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...ncomes in every district Can help determine the purchasing power families have .Compared with the first two variables, this can be used to assess sales performance with regard to pricing of books and can be used to guide decisions on how books are priced in particular districts 4. The average amount spent per pupil Can help determine the purchasing power families have .Compared with the first three variables, this can be used to assess sales performance with regard to pricing of books, existing demand and can be used to guide decisions on how books are priced and sales targeting in particular districts is done References Andersen, B., & Pettersen,P. G. (1996). The Benchmarking Handbook: Step-by-step Instructions. London: Chapman and...
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..., nonprofit organizations and even charitable organizations. Large companies have a clearly designated office with the mandate of benchmarking. Additionally benchmarking is used in identifying gaps in the system so as corrective measures can be undertaken and therefore enhance performance. There are various types of benchmarking which are dependent on a company’s policies. Types of benchmarking The two main types of benchmarking include internal and external benchmarking. Internal benchmarking involves the comparison of performances and practices between individuals, teams and groups within the same organization. The external benchmarking involves the comparison of an organizations processes and performances to that of other organizations...
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Benchmarking vs Balanced Scorecard Approach for Thorntons

... the benchmarking process, Thorntons should follow the strategic benchmarking. This involves benchmarking the competitor companies on the strategic level such as their choices of product, markets and generic strategies. This is best process for Thorntons as the positioning of the Thorntons is its main strategy and focus in its market segment. Searching: In this process, the company has to identify the company that it will benchmark. Analysing the competitors of Thorntons, it can be seen that the company should benchmark two companies: one operating globally and other nationally/locally which are Cadbury and Green & Black’s respectively. Thorntons should analyze Cadbury because it is penetrating the market and covering all the available...
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Benchmarking as a Business Strategy For Improving Business Performance: Best Practice in the Industry

.... This research project therefore tries to better understand the process of benchmarking. The researcher looks at the different types of benchmarking which have been practiced by different companies and with what success. Some examples of where benchmarking has been used successfully will also be highlighted. Finally the role played by management in the implementation of the benchmarking process cannot be underestimated. That is why the researcher uses primary data collected from managers with the aim of getting their views on the whole process of benchmarking. At the end of the day the researcher will draw a conclusion on the effectiveness of benchmarking as a performance improvement strategy. Table of contents. Abstract...
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Benchmarking for Air Export Procedure in Thailand

...nsides associated with the tool, as noted by Thomsett (2005, P.84.) a) Lack of quantifying measures There has been a notion that the successfulness of using the Six sigma has for a long time lacked quantifiable measure to either accept or refute the fact whether Six Sigma is successful as depicted or not. b) Need of full support Just like many other strategies Six Sigma equally require that it receive an interrupted support from all the stakeholders involved. This is to facilitate the success of the strategy. 4. Benchmarking According to Camp (2006,P.234) benchmarking is a business process improvement tool that works through comparing the performance of competitors and seek to outdo them through being more competitive in terms of...
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Benchmarking - Amgen Corporation

...provides Amgen with a list of 40 potential benchmarking companies from which Amgen selects the best seven. Amgen gets a chance to visit four of the companies while the other three are interviewed over the phone. After scaling itself against these companies, Amgen restructures its sales training and development department. After realizing the positive results from the benchmarking, Amgen sought to use the same concept to evaluate its mode of movement of the products from production stage to the end user. In the process, it has been able to learn many lessons. For instance, Amgen has learned that one of the hindrances to effective benchmarking is failure to make effective implementation...
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Classification of Benchmarking Processes

...and the processes by which those products are created and delivered’ (Tutor2U, 2012). The identification of the best practice can be carried out within a given organization that has several units/departments, within a given industry or sector, or outside the industry and outside the geographical region. Benchmarking is carried out to understand the organization’s current position of performance in relation to the best practices adopted by other successful organizations to identify how to bridge the gaps that may exist (Clores, 2007). Ideally, benchmarking involves an analysis of the performance levels that have been achieved by other successful players outside a given business, industry, organization,...
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The Benchmarking

... quality tools being used, benchmarking is the tool or approach “that is accelerating among many firms that have adopted the total quality management (TQM) philosophy.” (“Benchmarking”, n. d.). Benchmarking helps the organizations to find the correct solutions by following the best practices of other organizations. That is, by evaluating the best or even the relevant practices of the other organizations that operate in their organizational sector or in other sectors, and which has faced similar challenges and situations, a particular organization can find their own solutions. This approach is being followed by many real organizations, and many of them are getting sizable benefits, although there some limitations in it. This paper focusing...
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Benchmarking Exercise

.... Even though the ROI seems metric, it is biased for every organization, and my position in the desk help department makes it more precisely variable in agreement with the nature of customer care. The achievement and contrast of this metric measure would come about from the calculation of the ROI. Separate IT proposals carried out within the eight hours with a half-hour delivery opening have quite variable ROI’s. This metric measure is unsuitable for internal benchmarking. Therefore, the ROI is to be benchmarked in opposition to similar plans. The ROI would be planned before project starts and afterwards, calculated on a three-monthly basis from the point of initiation. This metric measure considers account reimbursement and investment...
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Analysis Definition of Benchmarking to learn how the leaders achieved their excellent performance and setting out to outdo them (Sower, Duffy & Kohers 2008). Case study 1: Benchmarking at Xerox In Xerox, benchmarking came about due to a competitive crisis. The history of Xerox dates back to 1938 when the first xerographic image was made by Chester Carlson, a patent attorney in the US. Many companies did not believe in this invention which Carlson marketed for five years before Battelle Memorial Institute from Columbus entered into a contract with Carlson for the latter to refine the process. The Haloid Company then bought the rights for developing and marketing a copier machine based on the technology by Carlson. In 1961, this became...
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