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Holistic Medcine - Research Proposal Example

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I am a holistic medicine practitioner. As opposed to the biomedical model of medicine, the immense scope of human self-healing is realized better in holistic medicine. This is clearly outside the scope of mainstream healthcare system, but holds significant implications when a life course approach is needed in management of relevant clinical problems that may be hitherto inadequately treated or managed by conventional and biomedical models…
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Holistic Medcine
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Download file to see previous pages While searching about the topic about my dissertation, naturally, the problem of childhood obesity kept popping up. This area in particular has been documented to be a health problem of epidemic proportions, with the incidence and prevalence both being on the rise. Moreover, all biomedical interventions despite being research based have failed to produce results in practice. The main problem detected is that of failure to instigate lifestyle behavior in terms of dietary energy intake and physical activity in the target population. What I felt was children spend most of their time in families, and thus the family macro environment shapes their behavior in other areas. What if an intervention designed on the principles of holistic clinical medicine implemented in families could be implemented, which would promote behavioral change This proposition seemed very interesting since, there is a need for a solution to the problem of childhood obesity due mainly to the facts that behaviors incurred in childhood continue into adulthood, reduce health effects of obesity in the adulthood, may answer the unanswered questions in this area of practice, may fulfill the gaps in knowledge in this area where there is a great paucity of research making this topic unique, and may provide a guideline for management both to the holistic medicine and biomedical medicine. Moreover, this is an opportunity for me to be involved I research in my area of practice, where my learning on research methods may be implemented so I am able to investigate whether my personal belief that clinical holistic medicine at family levels may alter the current course of childhood obesity since the solution of this problem may lie in targeting pediatric population in order to modify these lifestyle behaviors that predispose to childhood obesity and its adverse effects.
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From my studies, it is clear that inherent health risk behaviors in terms of dietary energy consumption and lack of physical activity in a regular fashion are the main reasons of childhood obesity, where sustained problem behaviors at the family levels potentiate the problem that are inadequately addressed by clinical biomedical interventions. Research studies in biomedical models in this topic are inadequate mainly due to knowledge gaps of the researchers on holistic health care principles. On the other hand, research on holistic healthcare is inadequate due mainly to paucity of knowledge in the principles of biomedical medicine and methodological deficiencies in research design. From my position as a holistic practitioner, I can utilize my knowledge of research methods and holistic health principles within the domain of biomedical knowledge of childhood obesity to have a research designed in this area which can successfully bridge the gap. In my opinion this original and unique topic is nothing more than under researched where many gaps exist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holistic Medcine Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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