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NursingResearch critique part 2 - Essay Example

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This is an excellent title. Not only does it tell the reader what the article is about, a study done on effectiveness of turning on pressure ulcers, but it also tells the reader that this study is looking at unequal time intervals in doing that.
The abstract covered all of the needed pieces including aim, background, method, results, and conclusion…
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NursingResearch critique part 2
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction is not very clear. There is quite a lot of information there but this reader found that it had to be re-read several times to assure that it were understood. It does create interest in the study and there is good reason for the target audience to read it. It just needs to be better organized and more succinct. The problem was stated twice and in a clear manner and it very clearly important to nursing. This about turning patients and preventing pressure ulcers. It is definitely a caring, patient advocate type of problem. A qualitative approach could have been used here but the quantitative approach makes more sense and the result would lead to a process change.
The study question, "does repositioning alternately 2 hours in a lateral position and 4 hours in a supine position reduce the incidence of pressure ulcer lesions in comparison with repositioning every 4 hours in patients lying on a pressure-reducing mattress" In looking at this in PICO statements, it meets the needs of a research question and the literature review is consistent.
The synthesis of the literature review was quite well done, organized, and easy to understand. This reader has some question as to whether it is up to date as many of the articles were written between 1992 and 1996 and this particular research was conducted in 2006. There have been many changes in nursing and nursing process since the 90's so this reader is concerned that there may have been better research out there. There is definitely reason after this research to continue to study this problem in an effort to solve it.
Conceptual Framework
The key concepts are well defined and well organized as is the framework of the study. There is also good description of how the randomization was done and the methods used to frame and carry out the work
This a well conducted and well written study though in places such as the introduction, it is wordy and unclear. The information is there but is cumbersome to read.

Qualitative Study
A qualitative study of smoking during pregnancy
This title does tell the reader what the article is about but it really does not tell the reader what the study is looking for or what the content of the study is. This study is really about finding ways to stop young females from smoking not only during pregnancy but before and after pregnancy. It does not waste words; there are probably not enough of them.
This abstract is more succinct though it is more in narrative form than the quantitative study. It does clearly summarize what is in the study.
The introduction is short and really does not say much. It does talk about some of the recommendations that have been made by other researchers and how those recommendations tie into this study but overall it does not tell me what to expect of the study. It is something important for the target population to read but it does not generate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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NursingResearch Critique Part 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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