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This document gives an account of the poster displaying the "Effects of Globalisation on Teaching and Learning." This explores the significance of the poster briefly. The aim of the poster is to explore the effects of globalisation on teaching and learning…
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Globalised Education
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Extract of sample "Globalised Education"

Poster "Effects of Globalisation on Teaching and Learning." This document gives an account of the poster displaying the "Effects of Globalisation on Teaching and Learning." This explores the significance of the poster briefly. The aim of the poster is to explore the effects of globalisation on teaching and learning. In addition, the poster briefly describes the advantages and disadvantages of globalised education.
In this era of globalisation, like all other aspects of life, education is also transforming to meet the needs of the drastic changes. The concept of education now has become a lifelong process, which includes the participation of not only teachers, students and study materials, but also the latest innovations in technology as well. It is a process in which both the teacher and learner learns, developing transferable skills and knowledge that can be applied to competitive markets where knowledge and information are being traded as a commodity. Means like computers and internet, have a given a new face to the process of education. The globalised education had brought up many issues also while evolving as a lifelong learning and training process, and the poster strives to reflect these aspects.
The significance of the poster is that it focuses on the importance of globalised education. Especially the quote *"Students cannot be effective in tomorrow's world if they are trained in yesterday's skills" is noteworthy in that it emphasizes the role of globalised education in moulding the future generation. (Francis, et al. 2000). The poster intends to promulgate the idea that for a better, result -oriented future, the teaching and learning process should be built on a global consideration. To establish a balanced impression, the poster also endeavours to provide a critical view of globalised education by drawing the attention of the viewers towards the disadvantages of globalised learning. However, the conclusion of the poster mainly focuses on the advantages so that the audience derives the idea that the positive sides of globalised education outweigh the negative aspects.

FRANCIS, Kate et al. (2000), The Effects of Globalization on Education [online]. Last accessed on November 9, 2007 at: Read More
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