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Social Assessment of Family Resource Centers - Essay Example

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For many within the political spectrum, the question of aiding those who are seen as being less fortunate, continues to fall within the parameters of public interest and as such, requires a plan in place that enables such an effort to continue. Throughout history, as many have alluded to, those who have immigrated to the United States have done so in pursuit of the American dream…
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Social Assessment of Family Resource Centers
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Extract of sample "Social Assessment of Family Resource Centers"

Download file to see previous pages One such source would be institutions known as Family Resource Centers.
According to a link for Family Resource Centers through the state of Colorado, their mission would remain to be seen as, "Working as a catalyst within high-risk urban and rural communities, family resource centers utilize a comprehensive and proven community-based approach to improving health, social, educational and economic outcomes for entire families, not just individuals," ("Family Resource", p.1). Socially speaking, these agencies would be in place, for the overall purpose, of aiding families with basic needs that are otherwise not being met. By providing the necessary education, so that these respective families may be able to overcome their current circumstances and be able to achieve a better standard of living.
In terms of a policy assessment, the act of engaging those most affected by the problem, in the quest of improving their own life, would appear to be the most beneficial of the suggested options. Essentially, "Greater than the sum of its parts, FRCA provides a safety net of quality services to vulnerable families and children across Colorado," ("Family Resource", p.1). ...
Essentially, "Greater than the sum of its parts, FRCA provides a safety net of quality services to vulnerable families and children across Colorado," ("Family Resource", p.1). The policy of this institution at its core would be the providing of aid and encouragement, for the betterment of all susceptible families within the Colorado area.
In times of both state, as well as federal economic woes, it can become quite easy for some, to approach different programs in terms of assessing their benefits and determining if they should be spared the cut from the budget rolls, or in fact, are not viable enough and ultimately, should be cut from expenditures made. To make the argument for this program, a letter was composed by Bill Michaels, who would serve as the State Executive Director of the Family Resource Center Association, Inc.
As part of his central argument, Mr. Michaels asserts, "Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, Colorado's family resource centers are committed to ensuring that families across the state have access to resources in their communities that will enable them to persevere and prosper," (Michaels, p.1). For those who are in charge of allocating the funds for various programs, the assertion made by Bill Michaels, would be done so for the sake of maintaining the relevance and ultimate need remaining for the program that he would be in charge of. The issue of funding would further be addressed by Mr. Michaels in his letter, in this manner:
The work of Colorado's family resource centers is made possible by
contributions from individuals and organizations. Their generosity
allows the centers to continue their efforts on behalf of Colorado's
families. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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