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The problem under consideration is human activity as a main cause of global warming. I consider this issue to be one of the actual, because at the accumulation of evidences of the fact that terrestrial atmosphere becomes warmer and warmer, the main question is: who is guilty in this warming - people or nature Today this question becomes clearer for the scientists.
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Global Warming The cause of human activity
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Download file to see previous pages And he was right. This effect is reached due to some atmospheric gases of secondary importance for example, water evaporations and carbonic gas. They leak visible and "near" infrared light, emitted by the sun, but absorb the "far" infrared radiation with lower frequency formed at heating of the earth surface by solar beams. If it did not occur, the Earth would be approximately 30 degrees colder, than now, and life on it would practically stop. ("Global Warming")
Recognizing that a "natural" hothouse effect is the settled, balanced process, it is quite logical to assume, that the increase of concentration of "hothouse" gases in an atmosphere should result in strengthening of a hothouse effect which in turn will result in global warming of a climate. Amount of 2 in atmosphere steadily grows for more than century because various kinds of fossil fuel (coal and petroleum) began to be applied widely as a source of energy. Besides as a result of human activity other hothouse gases, for example methane, nitrous oxide, and a lot of chlorine-containing substances also get in an atmosphere. In spite of the fact that they are made in smaller volumes, some of these gases are more dangerous than carbonic gas from the point of view of global warming. ("Global Warming")
Now many scientists believe that additional proofs of man's fault in global warming...
("Global Warming")
Now many scientists believe that additional proofs of man's fault in global warming will be found out, moreover, human activity is the dominant factor in this process. Nevertheless global warming are caused also by not dependent on people reasons. For example, amplification of solar radiation and sulphatic sparks or aerosols ejected at volcanic eruptions. These emissions on the one hand may create a hothouse effect, and on the other hand they may cool an atmosphere as they reflect sunlight. Influence of human activity is connected, first of all, with the emission of the used industrial gases such as carbonic, holding warm in an atmosphere and the same sulphatic aerosols of industrial, not natural origin. The complex of industrial aerosols and hothouse gases also creates new climatic model. This popular idea in the scientific environment resulted in that scientists now are inclined to evaluate the influence of the person on the climate more critically. Earlier, the warming of a climate in 20-th century was considered to be mostly caused by the natural reasons not by the activisation of human activity.
The group of researchers led by Simon Tatt found out that the increase of average temperature in the beginning of 20-th century could be explained by the increase of solar activity, or a combination of this factor with growth of emission of industrial gases in an atmosphere. But, since the middle of 70th years that is after almost 50-years of temperature rising, the industrial gases creating a hothouse effect are more and more considered to be a principal cause of warming. Many other researchers also came to the same conclusion "Researches of Simon Tatt's group have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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