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Grid Computing - Essay Example

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Grid computing is an emerging computing model that utilizes the processing powers of distributes parallel processing infrastructure across a wide area network for the complex and high volume of processing requirements. According to IBM Grid Computing is "the ability, using a set of open standards and protocols, to gain access to applications and data, processing power, storage capacity and a vast array of other computing resources over the Internet…
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Grid Computing Essay
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"Grid Computing"

Download file to see previous pages Grid computing increases the throughput of a networked system. Various heterogeneous but networked resources across administrative boundaries can be modeled in to virtual computer architecture for resource sharing. The concept of grid computing is to solve complex computational problems that can not be solved by the limited resources of a single computer or group of computers within an organization.
It is apparent from the above figure that networking technologies are more rapidly than the microprocessor technology. There is always a large chunk of processing power that remains underutilized in many computer clusters. Advancement in networking technology can logically be used to club all these underutilized resource thus solving the crunch of processing power in some computing clusters and considerably reducing the processing cost.
Software complexity has been rapidly increasing in last four decades and it has reached to such a level that it became difficult to deal with. With this, need of swiftness in response to business requirement is also increasing. IT industry has been through various computing architectures of distributed processing for better resource utilization. This led to the evolution of various programming languages running on different platforms and a number of networking products. However, full resource integration is still very complex due to multiple development platforms.
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now considered as next big leap in computational architecture which may help IT industry to meet complex future needs.
The concept of SOA has been in development since a long time. Ever since its inception it has been bogged down due to various problems of integrating different available object models and development of a robust architecture for simple, fast and secure integration of various development platforms.
Defining SOA
An SOA application is a composition of various distributed services performing some well defined tasks. A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a specific type of distributed system in which the agents are "software services" that perform some well-defined operation (i.e., it provides a service), and this type of architecture can be invoked outside of the context of a larger application. IBM also defines SOA as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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