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THE ADVANCEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY The Advancement of Technology Author Author Affiliation Date Table of Contents Introduction 3 Advancement in Technology in Different Sectors 4 Greater Dependence on Information Technology 6 Wide Ranging Advancement of Technology 7 Summary 8 References 9 Abstract Since the origin of life, people have been concerned in gadgets that help them improve their life standards…
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The Advancement of Technology
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, at the present, Internet tools and techniques are transforming and modernizing the ways through which business operations are performed. In addition, these tools and techniques are also modernizing the basic technical frameworks on which various corporations are developing their domestic or internal business structures. This paper presents an overview of the developments in technology. This paper outlines the advancement of technology that has been playing a significant role in today’s world. Introduction New advancements in technology are brought through the knowledge of crafts, tools, methods and techniques or special scientific and technology systems. In addition, the technological developments play a significant role in resolving diverse kinds of issues and problems. Basically, these technological developments can be seen different areas such as in information technology, construction technology, space technology, medical technology, communication technology, art technology and so on. Moreover, the advancement in the technology refers to the development of all the areas connected with technology. The technology normally influences animal species, human and society. In fact, a lot of researches have been carried out on this subject shown that the advancement in technology plays a significant role in the improvement of human life. Before the 20th century this idea was rare in English. In this scenario, the earlier technology was taken as the explanation of art that was helpful. However, the description of “technology” has been changed with the development of technology (Advancements in Technology, 2012; Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). This paper will discuss the advancements in technology. In this scenario, this paper will discuss some of the important developments in the technology that helped the human race to become much faster, competent and more developed. Advancement in Technology in Different Sectors Development in technology performs a significant role in a number of areas/fields. In this scenario, one of the main technology based developments is seen in political sectors. With the advancement of technology a wide variety of war tools, guns, bombs are made. Though, they are bad for mass people who are not concerned with the war. On the other hand, the communication technology has narrowed the issues and barriers to the human communication. In fact, the history of developments in technology is both rich and long. Additionally, many researchers have made technology based development in space technology (astronomy), science and mathematics. In addition, the traditional herbal medicine, medicine and acupuncture are at the present replaced by the modern technology. With the improvement of technology shadow clock was created by the scientists, which was the first progress in technology. With the passage of time inventors invented a lot of scientific tools that are extremely large in number and cannot be counted (Advancements in Technology, 2012; Turban, Aronson, & Liang, Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems, 7th Edition, 2004; Laudon & Laudon, 1999). The majority of business organizations are at the present making use of the Internet tools and techniques to develop a private internal network which is acknowledged as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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