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How does the Pentagon currently try to influence the content of Hollywood movies - Essay Example

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The situation today has become more commercial, and for producers it is not a case of propaganda or American political views; the only thing Hollywood likes is a good deal. than a good movie. Top Gun, Stripes and The Great Santini have proved it make it hit at box offices…
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How does the Pentagon currently try to influence the content of Hollywood movies
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Extract of sample "How does the Pentagon currently try to influence the content of Hollywood movies"

Download file to see previous pages The relationship between Hollywood and Pentagon is not entirely a new phenomenon, or something dubious. The Pentagon would claim that it evolved out of a historic necessity, during the World War I when the State very much needed domestic support for the war. Pentagon in fact won with this logical premise to get license to interfere in the media industry. But now the relationship has matured and the interference has become mandatory to preserve and protect the image of the US Army, Marines and the Air Force, particularly in the wake of the US military operations after the Cold War. ‘Pentagon today sees the film business as an important part of public relations.’ Military depictions have become more of a commercial for them.
Pentagon’s objectives
Pentagon is not alone, many organisations like the CIA have their liaison offices in the Hollywood to influence the content of the film. But no doubt the biggest influence i that of the Pentagon’s ‘which exercises control over the films in which military are involved by providing soldiers and equipment or by refusing them.’
The Pentagon has three main objectives in trying to control the entertainment industry. The first is to teach history to the world as the United States sees it, or you can say an American version of the occurrences around the world, something like embedded reporting or embedded journalism. A real propaganda of the American policies.
The second is to create a good image for the military. This includes recommendations to use sober, spruced up language, (no foul language!), no use of drugs or other unnatural or offensive behaviour.
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