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Hospital Case Management - Essay Example

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The naval hospital uses a case management approach. This is a health care attitude for the hospital, its patients and the population. It includes managed care. Quality improvement at the hospital is a part of the case management program. The department applies preventive healthcare…
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Hospital Case Management
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Download file to see previous pages Hospital case management is a process to meet patient needs with the best use of resources to provide the best quality treatment at the right cost. Case management is used to ensure the right clinical and financial outcome.
The data used for statistical quality analysis is the medical expense, clinical workload and utilization. The care request is allotted the required services. The medical information for comparison is available. The referral of the case to the correct physician is a part of case management. The communication involved is also a part of case management. The case management program at this hospital is simple and effective.
A model hospital follows the well defined procedures of continuous quality improvement. The quality program is based on delivering the best services to the patient. The risk management department at the naval hospital performs all the functions of a model facility. It monitors patient satisfaction and tracks patient outcomes. Other important aspects of quality are team based. The sub-divisions of the quality management department include performance improvement, risk management, credentials and infection control. The excellent working of the quality management department shows that the naval hospital fares well as compared to the model hospitals.
The case management standards involve co-ordination, control of environment and funding. Case management is also used to buy equipment and supplies required for the services. Information is provided to the patients and their families. Case management facilitates professional rapport in the team. Changes are made as required depending on the condition of the patient. The care plan should be coordinated with the disease source. The standards also specify support to the family. The standards used here are USNHGUAMINST 6320.19 series, BUMEDINST 6010.13 series and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.
The quality management department of the hospital has divisions for implementation of the work. The performance improvement division ensures continuous improvement. It also implements the total quality leadership. The quality procedures are included in the daily work in a systematic manner. The risk management division measures the quality of care and patient satisfaction. The credentials division evaluates the providers. It trains the health care providers and support staff. The infection control division identifies and reduces the risk of infection according to the established standards.
The hospital has an educational program to promote health awareness. The utilization management division allocates the services and the resources. The case management division combines population health, managed care, quality improvement and preventive healthcare. The hospital applies disease state management. This is a process that encompasses the entire course of the disease from prevention to the completely healed patient. Thus we see that the hospital adheres to the best standards. A comparison with the model facility shows that the naval hospital exceeds ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hospital Case Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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