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This article was authored by Haslam and Draper and published in the Psychology, Health and Medicine in 2001. This article was selected as an example of qualitative study reflecting semi-structured interview in grounded theory design
Statement of Purpose: While the physical dependence on tobacco can be very strong, there are powerful social and psychological dues for smoking…
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Nursing research articles
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Nursing Research A Comparison of Two Articles A QUALITATIVE STUDY OF SMOKING DURING PREGNANCY This article was ed byHaslam and Draper and published in the Psychology, Health and Medicine in 2001. This article was selected as an example of qualitative study reflecting semi-structured interview in grounded theory design
Problem Statement : To reduce maternal smoking it is necessary to understand the social and psychological factors maintaining smoking during pregnancy.
Statement of Purpose: While the physical dependence on tobacco can be very strong, there are powerful social and psychological dues for smoking. The aim is to examine the extent to which pregnant smokers are aware of the health risks, how they rationalize their smoking and the prompts they suggest encourage them to smoke. A final purpose is to determine the implications for a health promotion program.
Study Methods: Simi-structured interviews were conducted with 40 pregnant women. There were 40 pregnant smokers attending antenatal clinic. These women were approached after their appointments and could refuse or consent. All but 2 consented. They were interviewed in private rooms. The age range of the sample was 15-35. All of the respondents were current smokers.
Key Findings: Respondent highlighted four factors in roughly equal proportion which were other smokers, lack of will-power, the physical and psychological addiction and being irritable. Most of the women focused on one main factor which is being in the presence of other smokers. They cited stress, coping with children, coffee breaks, boredom, socializing, relationship problems, and relaxing as reasons that made them smoke.
Citation:Haslam, C. & Draper, E. (2001).Q qualitative study of smoking during pregnancy. Psychology, Health & Medicine. 6(1). DOI: 10.1080/13548500020021964.
Effectiveness of Turning with Unequal Time Intervals on the Incidence of Pressure Ulcer Lesions
Vanderwee, Grypdonck, and Bacquer, (2006) studied the effectiveness of turning patient on unequal time intervals on the incidence of pressure ulcer lesions. This is a two-arm random control trial conducted using a control group. It was selected because it is a quantitative control study on a nursing procedure.
Problem Statement: Pressure ulcers continue to develop in hospitals and yet there are no studies to indicate what the best method of prevention is.
Statement of Purpose: The aim of this paper is to determine whether repositions patients lying on a pressure mattress alternatively for 2 hours in a lateral position and 4 hours in a supine position reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers in comparison with repositioning every 4 hours.
Research Question(s): Does repositioning every 2hours in the lateral position and every 4 hours in the supine position produce less pressure ulcers than repositioning every 4 hours
Method: Patients who had non-blanchable erythemia were randomly assigned to two groups, an experimental group and a control group. In the experimental group patients were reposition alternatively 2 hours in the lateral and 4 hours in the supine position. In the control group patients were repositioned every 4 hours. Pressure areas were observed daily and classified according to the four grades of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.
Key Findings: More frequent repositioning on a pressure-reducing mattress does not necessarily lead to fewer pressure ulcer lesions and consequently cannot be considered as more effective preventive measure.
Citation: Vanderwee, K., Grypdonck, D., DeBacquer, D. (2006). Effectiveness of turning with unequal time intervals on the incidence of pressure ulcer lesions. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 57(1) 59-68. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2006.04060.x
Haslam, C. & Draper, E. (2001). A qualitative study of smoking during pregnancy. Psychology
Health and Medicine. 6(1).
Vanderwee, K., Grypdonck, M., Bacquer, D., (2006). Effectiveness of turning with unequal
unequal time intervals on the incidence of pressure ulcer lesions. JAN. 57(10, 59-68. Read More
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