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It is not an easy task to define love because everybody thinks of love differently. In addition, there are many expressions of love: to a parent, to a child, to a boyfriend/girlfriend, to a spouse, to a pet, to a colleague, to a neighbor, to God. One might experience love to an object, such as a painting, or to an action, such as walking (Michael Jordan has said in one if his interviews that he "truly loves the game of basketball")…
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Defining Love
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It is not an easy task to define love because everybody thinks of love differently. In addition, there are many expressions of love: to a parent, to a child, to a boyfriend/girlfriend, to a spouse, to a pet, to a colleague, to a neighbor, to God. One might experience love to an object, such as a painting, or to an action, such as walking (Michael Jordan has said in one if his interviews that he "truly loves the game of basketball"). The perfect example of pure love is provided by Shakespeare in his famous love story of Romeo and Juliet. Nobody can escape from love because people love not for something, but despite of something. As John Gray has noted, "when men and women are able to respect and accept their differences then love has a chance to blossom".
The word "love" has origin in the English language. Lufu in the Old English was related to the Frisian luve, German luba, and Gothic lubo. The Scandinavians have used the word lof and Latin lubet. In the form we have now "love" was recorded from the English writings in the 8th century (Frequently Ask Questions). Each nation gives a different name to love, but the essence remains the same. What exactly is love Love is a feeling, it would be more appropriate to say, a combination of positive feelings and emotions that make a person happy. Plato has noted that "at the touch of love everybody becomes a poet" (Famous Love Quotes). When people are in love the world seems to be more colorful, pleasant place to live, the person in love is smiling and does not pay attention to the problems and negative moments.
Plato has introduced the concept of platonic love meaning that two individuals, a man and a woman, being in love should get emotionally and spiritually close, without sexual relations. He believed that sex can destroy the emotional unity. Platonic love is different from love based on passion when lovers seek not only emotional but also physical unity with each other. The modern society rarely encourages the platonic love and it is really hard to meet a couple of lovers who do not even ever hold their hands. However, love based on sexual passion often leaves the person.
Everybody wants to find love and be in love. The below anecdote is the proof of this claim.
"A man went to the second wedding of his friend, but refused to go when he was again invited to the man's third wedding. His wife angrily enquired as to why he didn't want to go. The man replied, "I have already gone to his wedding twice. How can I go to his third wedding when I have not invited him for any more of mine"
Is either of these two men in love No! Love is not about getting married all the time. When person is in love and it is true love he/she would want to spend the whole live with that person and as Jennifer Lopez said "if needed to be ready to jump out of a plane for this person." (Love Quotes). Love is blind and the person in love does not love for some traits of character or beautiful face, love goes beyond appearances and finds a deeper meaning in life.
A concept of love has not changed over time. Today as well as many centuries ago, people were in love, got married, and had children. People were, are and will be happy because of love. Love to any person, no matter to whom: to a parent, to a child, or to a spouse, is expressed in some form. Love is trying to make another person happy, willingness to help and the desire to be near all life long. Love is not demanding, cheating, forcing, or sexual driven. True love is mutual, because nobody can make the person fall in love. Love is spontaneous and cannot be predicted.
Mother Teresa is well known to all people in the world because of her great love to people, in general. She taught not to base human love on judgment about something, because "if you judge, you have no time to love them." (Famous Love Quotes) Of course, love to pet or love to some action, seem to be minor compared to the human love. For centuries poets and theorists tried to give the definition of love, and everybody perceived it from a different perspective. Love is like a diamond with numerous facet, each facet representing emotion: respect, happiness, desire to take care, to protect, to be near, to hug, to kiss, to hold hand, to share every day and every minute of life.
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