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Compare Film Composition and Its Function and Meaning in the Work of Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi - Essay Example

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There are a variety of art forms in life through which real life situations are depicted and portrayed so as to cater to a wide audience. Art forms include paintings, movies, music and various other spheres. In context of understanding human behaviour, filmmaking has embraced this aspect as the very basis of its body of knowledge…
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Compare Film Composition and Its Function and Meaning in the Work of Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi
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Extract of sample "Compare Film Composition and Its Function and Meaning in the Work of Akira Kurosawa and Kenji Mizoguchi"

Download file to see previous pages To begin with, there will be a discussion of film composition and it varied elements. This section will focus on the various aspects of film composition that help portray a realistic and in some cases, larger than life picture of things so as to put across a certain message. From here, the paper will delve into a discussion of the lives and works of the two filmmakers in question so as to demonstrate the use of film composition techniques as used by them.
In this regard, two films have been studied by each of the filmmakers. The films of Akira Kurosawa include Seven Samurais and Ikiru. The two films of Kenji Mizoguchi include Tales of Ugetsu and Sansho the Bailiff.
From here, there will be a focus on the comparison of film composition styles of these two filmmakers. In this section, the basic focus will be on the portrayal of the quality of the use of these elements in the portrayal of various situations and scenarios through their films. The parallels drawn in this section will be reflected in the conclusion through a brief summation of the commonalities and diverse styles of film composition.
Films are a medium and an art form rolled into one. They have the capacity to transport viewers and put across messages that can transform the lives of entire audiences. The power of cinema is one that has been hailed as the hardest hitting of art forms, even from the days of silent movies. The term or phrase, 'Motion Pictures' is literally the most accurate definition of the most powerful element of cinema. Moving pictures are the most powerful form of expression in art. This art form called cinema relies on the use of pictures that move in order to hold the interest of entire audiences. Yet, the sole activity of recreating moving pictures to depict scenarios and messages, is not enough. To match the voice of one's heart and sensibilities, moving pictures need to be rendered in various ways, and with the exact play of various elements.

These elements include lighting, sound, and above all aesthetics. While most believe that aesthetics mainly cater to the play of light and sound in the film, this is not entirely true. Aesthetics revolve around the play of dialogue that can be rendered in perfect light, shadow, setting as well as a background score where necessary. In order to help audiences as well as every individual in the audience to literally 'get the picture', there is a need to deviate from the ordinary in an endeavour to portray that ordinary aspect of people's lives in a manner that can be dramatic, humorous and many other things depending on the vision of the filmmaker.

Vision is a key word in the arena of film composition. The technicalities of film making aside, the vision of the filmmaker and the story that he or she wants to tell is the single most important factor in the portrayal of facts as well as fiction. The vision of the filmmaker is one that springs from the following factors:

Personal Life Experiences
Hard Hitting influence of a particular story
The basic social, personal and professional sphere within which the filmmaker defines his or her capacities and influences.
The genre of films and art forms that affect the filmmaker to the highest degree.
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