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The impact of the British system of government around the world - Essay Example

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American history shows that Britain expanded its world empire starting during the eighteenth century. The British Empire included the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, the islands of the Caribbean and the thirteen colonies of the United States. This included the transporting of many of its British citizens to the American colonies…
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The impact of the British system of government around the world

Download file to see previous pages... This is now renamed as Australia. The British Americans forming part of the thirteen colonies of the United States disliked the British Parliament's attempts to tax American colonists without the colonists' consent. In addition, the American war for independence was due to the disagreement over the American colonists' guaranteed rights as Englishmen. The American Revolutionary War for independence started 1775. This is the setting for the following paragraphs1.
One good impact of the British system of government around the world is the colonization of the many parts of the world. The British Empire is the largest Empire. Hong Kong was one of the last colonies returned by England to China. Portugal had ceded India to Charles II of England in 1661. England had an expansionist war against Spain Portugal. And, England acted as the world's policeman after the defeat of French leader Napoleon Bonaparte. At the height of Britain's glorious empire, it is often stated that the sun never sets on England because Britain's political and military power had reached many corners of the world2. The English empire during the period 1815 to 1914 covered an estimated ten million square miles of territory and about four hundred people around the globe. During this time, England belligerently exerted its dominating position in world trade thereby controlling the economies of independent countries like Latin American, China and Siam and Asia's India. Some of the current senators United States are descendants of British persons that arrived from Great Britain. Some of the Australian Caucasians today arrived from England because the thirteen colonies in the Americas won their independence under the leadership of George Washington. Clearly, one good impact of the British system of government around the world is the colonization of the many parts of the world3.
Another good impact of the British system of government around the world is the replacement of the Muslim government over India. The British ruled India from 1803 to 1947. The British political system took over the reigns of the Indian government when they defeated the Muslims at the start of the 18th century. The Muslims ruled this small Asian country after its invasion of Indian in the 12th century. Many of the Indians reacted religiously. The Hindus tried their best to hold on to their religion. This was also the reaction of many of the Muslim Indians. This reactionary stand of the people meant that they engendered a strong demand for self government. Evidently, another good impact of the British system of government around the world is the replacement of the Muslim government over India4.
Further, this Indian revivalism was also a good impact on the Indian population. This revivalism was characterized by the Indians undying stance to keep their Hindu religion alive. The Muslims were not completely successful in trying to eradicate the Indian native religion Hinduism. The Muslims forcefully installed the Muslim faith on India. The Muslim faith expects each Muslim convert to obey every law mentioned in their bible named Koran. The Muslim government is based on the teachings of their prophet Muhammad written down in their bible. The failure of the Muslims to install their Islamic form of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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