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Black community of America - Essay Example

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Necessity came along with the industrial revolution and Black community of America had to provide the much needed working hands. Enslavement of centuries had numbed the demanding voices of Blacks and they had to emerge out very slowly. When they did emerge, America had to wake up from its racial reverie and since then, every step had been seen as the undoing of previous discrimination…
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Black community of America
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Download file to see previous pages Same applies to the political system. According to Professor Greenburg, there is a slight difference between white and black children, when it comes to political system, because the black children a they grow older become less supportive. The blacks are really 'invisible men' when it comes to political region. Possible racial differences in political socialization are persisting.
Meredith v Jefferson had been an interesting case showing a small flaw in the policy of modern schooling. Education system in America over the years had been painstakingly non-racial. Americans have been happy over the education policies that treated the children equally, irrespective of class, region, creed and race. Minority children had not been marginalized in any way. Still, in Kentucky's Jefferson County, some Black children were subjected to long journeys up to three hours to reach schools and return, for the simple reason, because there existed a law saying that every public school should not have more than 50% black student population, but not less than 15%. The law existed not due to racial discrimination, but only because it was thought not to have too overwhelming a majority of any race. Only a minority number of students were affected due to this law, resulting in long journeys spending more time than they should to reach school and back home. It was also argued that children and their parents were kept out of the entire community because they go to a far off schools and that community could not belong to them as they were not part of it.

"The current arrangement, instituted in 2001, has some students being bused cross-county, taking up more time per day than most students spend in transit in several weeks. It poses obvious logistical issues and detaches children and their parents from the communities they call home, parents say"

Parents were also upset about the long process of annual admissions to magnet and non-magnet schools, and brought a civil suit against the county in the US District Court for the Western District of Kentucky. The claim was that their children's equality rights have been violated, and this particular act was against the 14th Amendment on the Equal Protection Clause and the District Court upheld this claim and gave the following ruling:

"The 2001 Plan is a proper 'fit' because it is sufficiently flexible to determine school assignments for all students by a host of factors, such as residence, student choice, capacity, school and program popularity, pure chance and race." (ibid).

It also opined that the plan was 'narrowly tailored' and should not have been based on race alone, which could give a discriminatory color to it, because America is not a separated society any more, like it was in the 1950s. The attorney representing the county argued that a small amount of inconvenience is negligible while comparing to the diversity that prevailed due to the plan in educational institutions. The plan came into existence in 1975 and under this plan, the Board maintained the same system for 25 years.

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