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Equity and Trust Degree - Essay Example

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Abigail was aged 15 at the time Dominic died. Soon after Dominic's death Abigail discovered that she was allergic to horse hair and asked for 9,000 from the 16,000 to pay for sailing lessons instead. Tick agreed to this and gave her the 9,000 which Abigail immediately spent on a new wardrobe for herself…
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Equity and Trust Degree

Download file to see previous pages... Tock had asked his friend George, a registered financial adviser, about Meltdown before they invested the money when they met at race meeting. George told Tock that all new companies came under investigation by the Fraud Squad and that Tock should not worry. The share value of the company dropped dramatically last month but Tock has told Tick that they are better off leaving the money invested in Meltdown Plc as the company is bound to make a profit sometime. Last week Tick and Tock were approached by Clarissa, a member of Oakley Riding Club, who has asked them for some money out of the trust fund to finance her proposed trip to the Olympic Show jumping finals. The trustees have told her that this is not possible due to the current low value of the trust fund.
The will appointed them as trustees of Mr. Dominic fund which they are entrusted to distribute to the parties provided in the will following the probate words. For the case of Abigail, this is a fixed trust where they were to give her 16,000 'so that she can learn how to ride'. ...
However, after they discovered that she is allergic to horse hair and subsequently giving her part of the trust fund for sailing lesson where she spent on new wardrobe instead, they had no authority beyond the probate to follow and ensure that she did as the Dominic wished. Secondly, the words 'so that she learns how to ride' is uncertain it doesn't even give us direction what kind of riding is, sailing is also riding and it is wishful that the money would be used by Abigail to learn how to ride. Therefore they acted within their trusted duties. They should also remember that she is entitled to the whole amount since the probate states clearly that she be given 16,000.
In case of Beatrice, the same kind of problem occurs, the is very clear why Beatrice is given the fund, that is, to look after Clopalong, the mare horse in the manner it's accustomed to. However after she is given money she fails to look after the animal and Tick and Tock have no power to withdraw the fund and look for another person to accomplish this. This is because the will is not explicit as to what should happen if Beatrice fails to look after the animal as it's accustomed. Here Beatrice has legal right to retain the horse and look after it as she deemed fit. Another uncertainty is that what if the ill health of the Clopalong is due to other reasons or old age Why Dominic appointed her and not somebody else These are some of the uncertainties we see in this will and Tick and Tock have no choice other than to give her the whole amount.
For Oakley fund, Tick and Tock had been entrusted to hold this fund in trust for members of this club. They were to discretionary disburse this fund particularly to those members 'who prove fit for the saddles'. By ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Equity and Trust
This is usually inferred from words such as “trust” and “confidence”.3 However, Mergarry J stated that specific words such “trust” and “confidence” are not necessary, provided there is “in substance a sufficient intention to create a trust”.4 The gift to Pamela is stated in uncertain terms in that the settlor specifically he expresses his desire that the gift of 500,000 pounds to Pamela will be held upon trust for their children’s future.
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Law of Equity & Trust
At that time, the affected parties have the prerogative to file petition to the Crown. The appeals of the appellants were handed over to Lord Chancellor. Those who have read Charles Dickens’s Bleak House know that by the 18th Century, equity had become obsolete.
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Equity and Trust Law Essay
The trust developed between the parties provides a sufficient mechanism for several situations which may arise. Such situations include, pension funds, relationships and charities. Fascination of concepts and procreation of secret trusts allows the court to decide on the formalities to use in dealing with the property involved.
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Equity and Trust Law Essay
f in a position where his interest and duty conflict.5 Aside from putting the two rules together, the ruling in Bray also speaks to the strict application of the rule by using the word “inflexible”. The inflexibility of the rule suggest that in discretionary trusts, the trustee may be less inclined to exercise a reasonable discretion for fear of accusations or claims that he or she made a profit or placed himself or herself in a position where there was a conflict of duty and interest.
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Equity and trust
The certainty needs of a trust mirror the truth that a trustee is under onerous to a beneficiary with regard to an unambiguous right. Thus, the certainty of objects needs a guarantee that the trustee is having a duty to a specified beneficiary, and his obligation is so precise so that it can be implemented without any ambiguity.
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Equity and Trust Law
If the legal rules did not provide a solution to the problems, it was possible to petition the Crown. The origins of jurisdiction have brought in the principles of equity that could now be applied to every civil court in the land. According to some judicial interpretations, trusts are one of the greatest inventions of equity so such definitions would not make any fundamental distinction between trusts and equity and would consider trust as a branch of equity.
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Equity and Trust Law Essay
This legislation established a unified Supreme Court of Judicature, effectively fusing the administration of equity and common law. The need for ongoing creativity by equity was recognised after the Judicature Acts 1873-75 came into force: I intentionally say modern rules, because it must not be forgotten that the rules of Courts of Equity are not like the rules of the Common Law, supposed to have been established from time immemorial.
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Equity and Trust Essay
The legislative intent of the charitable deduction is to provide an economic incentive for individuals to support worthy causes. A donor who makes cash contribution receives a tax subsidy equal to his or her marginal ordinary income tax rate. For the donor who makes a property contribution, the tax subsidy also includes the capital gains tax rate that would have been incurred had the property been sold and the net-of-tax cash proceeds donated.
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Equity & Trust
'Unconscionable' cannot be defined in the abstract; it can only be understood in connection with the facts of particular cases" The concept of equity in the jurisprudence of common law countries is the name given to the set of legal principles which supplement strict rules of law where in their application would operate harshly, so as to accomplish what is routinely referred to as 'Natural Justice'.
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Equity and Trust
The courts are required to consider the conduct of the applicant who claims affirmation of her rights1. The underlying objective of the legal doctrines is to ensure that the courts establish a balance between the personal rights and property
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