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Well done! One can never think the moment will disembark, but now it have at last graduated from elementary school! At present it's time to budge on up to the gigantic groups. That's are on to take the middle school. These were my innermost feelings when I passed from my elementary school…
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Personal narrative Bachelor Essay
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"Personal narrative Bachelor"

Download file to see previous pages I have seen my life here only in Korea and have enjoyed being the youngest in all siblings. People use to settle in this particular newly developed urban city due to two reasons. Firstly the poor use to establish them here, as it was not expensive states those days. Secondly, the rich people or the upper class uses to settle in this area to discover business ventures and to earn a lot of money. I was quite proud being designated as upper class or elite citizen.
In the beginning, middle school seemed to me like an inexplicable place occupied of strangers and bombshells. I encountered new people, new school topics, new activities, and loads of more teachers than I was used to. This might seem frightening because now I was a tiny fish in a big pool, but keep in mind: all new incidents are fearsome at initial. If one has the correct approach and rock-hard info on what to anticipate, one can be a middle school specialist in no time.
In middle school, I made up a large number of upper class friends since the start of my school days. In my school there was a categorized difference in the lower or poor class students and the upper or elite class. Classmates felt very proud if they had any elite classmate in their group. There was a marked difference in the treatment as well. ...
I packed myself in a lot of social friends who belong to high status families. In my own class, I was quite powerful to turn things in favor of me as I belonged to top social category. I use to rule over my classmates. My ego was quite strong in my social behaviors and I use to talk to classmates of my set only and never use to talk even a bit to poor fellows. Some of these elite classmates were even junkies, as if bullying poor classmates, buying expensive stuffs, showing off, mocking, playing video games, having fun all the time with luxuries and not more serious about the studies. Most of them were not good graders even. When my poor fellows who were the top graders, tried to be friendly with me, I just harassed theme and passed bad comments of them being poor so badly that it would have been very insulting for them.
There was a girl in my class who belonged to lower social class, was quite studious and wanted to be my friend but never actually told me directly. One day she made up a courage to come to me in break time and said "Hello, can I talk to you for a minute" I first laughed like anything on her, and then I replied, "Why I would like to talk to you, you poor creature". She became quite embarrassed as I was quite loud and with my other top classmates. She felt so pale and yellow that time that she turned back and starting moving a head of us. Suddenly I jumped in front of her and with my mates I started bullying and harassed her. We laughed loudly on her and even touched her with fingers and I said " you want to do friendship with me, and for this you have to kiss my shoe". We did not let her move. No one came near us to stop us from bullying her. She ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Narrative Bachelor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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