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Communication is a vital activity undertaken by all human beings in the course of their day to day activities. At the most basic level, communication has been described as an act or action performed to impart or transmit information (Ruesch and Bateson, 1968)…
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Download file to see previous pages... Of all the industries, sectors that require professionals to continuously interact with non-professionals need effective communicators. Industries like hospitality, media, medical, legal and other service sectors need people not only with strong professional backgrounds, but also excellent communication skills.
Nursing is a profession where nurses are required to not only assist the doctor in his work, but also ally the fears and apprehensions of the patient and his relatives. Nurses in hospitals become the primary care-givers and spend considerable time with the patients. They would very frequently find themselves in a position where they are the bridge between the specialist doctor and the patient. Thus, their role extends to that of an effective communicator. Various researchers have highlighted the importance of effective communication by nurses in their works. "Effective communication is a fundamental element of nursing care that is integral to the provision of quality patient care." (Ravert et al. 1997, Wilkinson et al. 1999, Bowles et al. cited in McGilton, 2005).
By going through the literature available in various nursing journals, it would be easy to narrow down to the topic of my dissertation. Although a lot of research has been done in the field of effective communication as an integral part of the nursing profession, there are many grey areas even today. A lot needs to be done to achieve cent percent efficiency in the field. Surveys, trainings, evaluations, further research would provide a means to fill the lacunae in this field.

Process of Literature Search
The literature search was carried out through online medical/nursing journals .These have given a wide and varied range of literature on the subject. This literature review has used the results of studies and experiments carried out across the globe. The literature review includes research papers from Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Canada; University of Alberta, Canada; Griffith University, Australia; Communication Disability Center, University of Queensland, Australia; and The Martlets Hospice, Hove, UK. These papers were downloaded from such vastly spread out sources so that there would be very little scope for bias and the review would be a well-balanced one. Under the keyword "effective communication", the review includes topics ranging from complex continuing care facility, palliative nursing, factors that influence communication between people with communication disability and their healthcare providers in hospitals, effective communication as a core competency for collaborative practice among nurses to effective parent-nurse communication. These articles have been published over a period of nine years from 2001 to 2009.Thus, they include the latest research in the field of effective communication between nurses and patients and ways and means of achieving it. Also, these articles are themselves very well-researched and offer excellent secondary sources of reference.


The research studies definitely show that there is a lot of scope for further research and recommendations in the field of effective communication among nurses. The studies covered parent-nurse interactions and patient-nurse interactions under various circumstances and illnesses.
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