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Basically Good, Bad, or Both - Essay Example

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Q) Do you think that human beings are essentially good, bad or a combination of both Why Develop a well-organized argument to support your position, show evidence. How does your position affect your approach to morality
A) Human beings were born free and as Robin Fox has put it that human beings are part of the anima kingdom but they are aware of themselves and better than the rest…
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Basically Good, Bad, or Both
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Download file to see previous pages Human beings are a combination of both, good and evil because they are neutral and they have the free will and determination to adopt any. In order to be civilized humans have set boundaries and rules that determine good and evil. Aristotle argued that since man is a social animal and setting boundaries for good and evil is but natural because they are essential for humans remain civilized. Humans are neutral because they are equally capable and free to make a rational choice between good and evil. It is the society, upbringing and biological factors that affect a human's ability to think and decide. So it's these factors that are to be accredited blamed or for good or evil, respectively. It has been proved that the human mind is not a blank slate by Steven Pinker in his book "The Blank Slate" and the other factors like the surroundings, sociological and biological factors affect the mind's ability to think. Humans are not born good or born evil because they are capable of both as they grow up into adults. Education and guidance have an effect on the mind's capability to decide and choose between good and evil. ...
Whereas, the developed world is a different scenario and people are usually educated and well- brought up even well-fed and well-provided with all the needs and wants and it's a fact that these people are sensitive and have made rational decisions to do good and avoid evil. Both the qualities of good and evil are present within us and we must make a choice. There are outside influences that affect the nature of the choice. The most controversial example is George W. Bush who is civilized and a good man in the eyes of many and especially his relatives but he is responsible for waging wars for oil and millions have been killed in his quest. He is a combination of good and evil. Bush is a good person to some people and maybe he himself believes that he is working in the best interests of his people and his country. But the fact remains that his actions were evil and millions of innocent lives have been lost. There is a reason for human nature to take this form and there are several theories to explain it. The philosophical naturalism believes that humans are superior beings and they are the result of evolution. Humanist philosophers argue that good and evil are simply labels and made up boundaries in order to civilize this world. It is the brain and the society at work that bring out this distinction. These influences affect our decisions to be good or to be evil. Man was born free and free will according to Thomism by Aquinas explains that a free will is the only essential proof of the existence of a soul. Aristotle supported this theory as well since according to his concept of hylomorphism the soul is significant and also universal and the soul makes every human being different. Therefore, when every one of us is different, every one of us has a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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