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As this is a criminal justice class paper, it is not surprising that the topic to be discussed is a specific crime or case. However, it is not always that we define some terms before delving into a deeper discussion of an issue.
Take for example crime, people always use this word but not everyone defines it or even understands it…
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Ike Turner and Tina Turner
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Download file to see previous pages Meanwhile, the most famous forms of grave crime might just probably be murder and rape. But the majority of reported crimes involve non-stranger violence, consisting of property and drug crimes. (Koski, 2002)
According to Koski (2002), the crimes that arouse the greatest fear in people are violent, personal attacks by strangers. He went on to say that interpersonal crime is deeply damaging seeing as it also causes emotional and financial toll on its victims. Another kind of crime that might apply to the case to be discussed in this paper is predatory crime. Such consists of a "motivated offender" and a "suitable target."
However, the most frequent form of crime might just arguably be abuse, in any form. Abuse is often defined as "a corrupt practice or custom or an improper or excessive use or treatment." (Abuse, 2008) This word seriously condemns any unjust physical maltreatment.
Koski (2008) said that in such cases of people wanting to discuss the root of some crimes, they would straight away go to the offender for answers. However, stereotypes of such persons do not always match their real characteristics. In order to help people properly understand offenders, he outlined the core characteristics of a criminal offender.
First is the age of onset. ...
First is the age of onset. According to such a character, a criminal offender might have started on such a path or life trajectory of committing crimes at an early age or early stage of his or her life.
Second is childhood environment. With this, Koski (2008) attributes his offending tendencies to having been brought up or raised in an unstable environment. He or she might have experienced "severe physical abuse, emotional trauma, and showed signs of 'hypermasculinity' engendered by the absence of a father."
Third is substance abuse. Of course this would entail taking in a lot of alcohol or illegal narcotics, which more often than not, were caused by deeper, darker reasons that caused the future offender to be scarred physically, mentally and emotionally.
Fourth is male role model. Such a core characteristic says that certain outlooks, beliefs and practices of potential offenders might have stemmed from being exposed to different kinds of people, especially to people to whom a person can relate to the most.
Fifth is psychosocial development. Aside from having different addictions and problems, Koski (2008) said that he might have experienced other "psychosocial maladies."
Sixth are predatory inclinations. Koski (2008) in this case says that if a person who has undergone a turbulent childhood baffled by physical abuse, he is more likely to engage in relationships that would have violence integrated in its core, with him or her as the offender and not the victim anymore.
And, in order to clearly illustrate the picture of an offender, it is a must that we take on the discussion of the life of Ike Wister Turner, one of the major characters in the case this paper hopes to look into.
On November 5, 1931, he was born to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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