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George Schuylers Black No More - Book Report/Review Example

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George Schuyler's "Black No More" published in 1931 during the waning period of the Harlem Renaissance is a satirical attack on the black and white leadership and racial discourse. George Schuyler begins "Black No More" with an adumbration of the effects of racialism in America, and the complexities they create on the social lives and on the interactions between blacks and whites…
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George Schuylers Black No More
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Extract of sample "George Schuylers Black No More"

Download file to see previous pages Max suddenly falls in love at first sight with Helen Givens, a "tall, slim, titian-haired [white] girl" who, he believes, "had seemingly stepped from heaven or the front cover of a magazine" (Schuyler, 20). Helen refuses to dance with Max because of Max's race. Helen's indignant racist remark puts Max on the spot and brings him back to the living reality. Helen's reference to Max as a "darky" and a "nigger" cautions him that regardless of his social status, he should always know the place reserved for him and his kind in a race-conscious America.
Helen's refusal of Max's advances so irritates him that he decides he must win her. The next day he learns that an old friend, Dr. Junius Crookman, has returned from Germany with a discovery of what he naively believes to be the solution to "the American race problem." This discovery could possibly do "what agitation, education and legislation had failed to do" (Schuyler, 54-55). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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