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The Simplicity and Complexity of Endangerment - Essay Example

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Endangered species is a population of plant and species that has been put at risk, with a high probability of extinction because they are already either few in number or have been threatened by a drastic change in the environment. According to a magazine report "Over 34,000 plant species and 5,200 animal species around the globe are threatened with extinction, and many thousands more become extinct each year before biologists can identify them." The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, or the IUCN, which is also most commonly known as the World Conservation Union, has done its research and concluded that around 40 percent of all organisms are already class…
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The Simplicity and Complexity of Endangerment
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Extract of sample "The Simplicity and Complexity of Endangerment"

Download file to see previous pages For the past number of years, there has been a tremendous increase in the rate at which species have become extinct. What's actually more alarming than that is the fact that this rate increases exponentially over time. And when it continues, the stability of the entire ecosystem will be place at risk, especially when key species in the food chain will cease to exist. Today, most of the world's habitats are changing faster than most species can adapt to such changes through evolution, or natural selection.
Despite endangerment being a universal concept, most people aren't really aware as to the ins and outs of this seemingly simple concept. Most important of all, everyone should be made more conscious with regard to this issue, as drastic changes will affect everyone else over time.
Animals do not just get endangered and go into extinction. ...
nt can be solved, if not minimized, is for people to take charge and be more active about protecting the environment where endangered species are found. The rarer an animal or plant is, the more money it can bring on the black market. Many smugglers are amateurs, such as tourists and travelers, who attempt to conceal endangered plants, reptiles, birds, and insects in their luggage. But most are seasoned professionals who use sophisticated techniques and well-organized routes to transport their illicit cargo. There are numerous causes of endangerment of certain species, but there are certain factors that are common to all species.
a. Habitat Destruction
The primary causes of species extinction or endangerment are habitat destruction. Such activities like plant collecting, trade in animal plants and hunting damage and caused pollution into an area, these direct habitat destruction can cause direct destruction to most species. Due to continuous changes of our planet, animals' habitats are also continuously being changed. There are certain natural changes that happen, often at a steady pace that affects individual species. But when these natural changes happen faster than they're supposed to, then these species don't have the time they need in order to adjust. For an instance, sea turtles are considered threatened because of benign tumors that put them in a serious global threat. They are appeared to have an increasing frequency on the head and internal organs of sea turtles and can literally smother the animals to death. According to Jacobson, the scientist "Sea turtle tumors are one of the few diseases in any animals that have appeared worldwide this could signal major changes in the earth's aquatic environment." As a consequence, this has become one of the most common ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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