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Ethics assignment - Essay Example

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'The New Adventures of the Great Gandhi' can be assumed to be a huge success in the form of a Comedy. However its success has brought strong waves of protests from quarters like Hindu American Foundation, National Council of Churches etc. and of course from the Parliament of India…
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Ethics assignment
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Extract of sample "Ethics assignment"

Download file to see previous pages have said that this serial has disregarded all forms of ethical values.
According to virtue theories, virtuous character traits are developed in one's youth. Adults are responsible for instilling virtues in the young. (Ethics, excerpts from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy). What are the serial teaching children It has portrayed a historical leader as a dubious, violent, rude and repulsive character! The character Mohandas thrives on slang! Even cursing has been uplifted by making use of a historical language like Sanskrit. (That is sheer blasphemy!) This view has been strongly supported by the PTA and PTC who specifically condemn the extreme violence.
They further argue using Kant's categorical imperative1 which says "Treat people as an end and never as a means to an end" ( Ethics, excerpts from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) saying that people's anger and the whole controversy is being used to make the serial popular. Is such a success morally right
Duty theories consist of many duties, among which are duties towards others. German philosopher Samuel Pufendorf divided these duties2 into three; among which was-"avoid wronging others". The Indians are being wronged here by insulting their "Father of the Nation". The very fact that the character was named Mohandas Satyagraha in the original memo and made to act violently and regressively shows the deliberate attempt to make Gandhi a laughing stock! "Satyagraha" means the eternal follower of truth, whereas this character does no such thing!
Why does the West repeatedly try to undermine the image of Gandhi, whether it is the MTV "Clone High" (Clone High, Wikipedia Encyclopedia) or "The Great Gandhi" Normative ethics says that we should do to others what we would want others to do to us.(Ethics, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Would the West accept one of their leaders made fun of in this way and to this extent
Gandhi stood for peace and non-violence. While the whole world admired this quality this serial is denouncing and making a mockery of that principle! India respects him even today and looks up to him. This act will not go unnoticed. People will definitely protest this. Citing the theory of Act-Utilitarianism3 the consequences of this action should have been considered. (Ethics, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy).
This great leader's memory has been damaged. Who will pay for it The recent list of duties given by British philosopher W.D.Ross, under Duty Theory includes Reparation or the duty to compensate others when we harm them. (Ethics, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Who is going to compensate this moral damage caused
This is merely an act of Ethical Egoism4. Only the profit of the production has been considered, completely ignoring people's sentiments.
Gandhi is called the "Mahatma" in India. "Mahatma" means, 'the great soul'. People also called him "Bapu" or 'Father'. He was like God to Indians. Is this the way to treat such a revered figure Gandhi's character has been degraded and slurred. The same Gandhi who had introduced the term "Harijans" or 'people of God' to describe the lower caste people and abolish the caste system in India. It is as if, a deliberate attempt of racism. 'The great Gandhi' is like a blemish on the spirit of India!
'The New Adventures of the Great Gandhi' is a comedy which revolves around the character Mohandas, based on the real Mohandas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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