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Retail Service Management Key Indicators - Essay Example

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The study analyses the retail service management key indicators with respect of the Golden Chrysler Jeep - Mid Atlantic - F- 01 - B-65657 for the months of January through March 2006. The results of the analysis will provide insights to the retail service management on its performance and perhaps facilitate informed decisions to be made to shape future growth of the service company.
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Retail Service Management Key Indicators
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Extract of sample "Retail Service Management Key Indicators"

Download file to see previous pages Since the data sheet had already summarized the major monthly indicators (with little or no primary data sets), the analysis below concentrated on the examining the temporal patterns across the three months.
For the purposes of tracking the repair order, mailing reminders and financial summaries across time, key indicators were analyzed across the months January through March. Since most of the data was categorical (by month), histogram polygons were constructed. To provide a frame of reference for the period under analyses, where relevant and necessary, average and standard deviation of the respective indicators were calculated. For purposes of clarity, results of only some of the most important indicators, namely active number of customers, number of customers lost, percent sales of Smart link, investment returns on each US $ 1 spent are presented and discussed.
This is an important variable indicating the proportion of the various maintenance and repair jobs undertaken at the company. Accordingly, based on the data provided, frequency histogram was constructed to depict the proportion of the different maintenance tasks undertaken. ...
3. Retail revenue sales trend:
Based on the graph already provided in the data sheet, discussion is provided on the contribution that Smart Link sales have made over the gross sales during the different days of the survey period.
4. Percentage share accounted by the different zip codes:
The relative contribution made by the different zip codes for their share of the services and how these have changed from month to month has been analyzed. The mean per cent share of the different zip code was computed across the three months.
Repair order, mailing and financial summary results:
Over the three months of reporting, a total of 4056 services were completed, with January accounting for the highest (37% of the services) and March, the least (30% of the services) (Figure 1). The mean number of active customers over the three months was 233954 (average standard deviation) with little variation across the months (Figure 2). The number of completed services ranged between 1210 (in March 2006) to 1490 (in January 2006). On an average there was only a 6 to 8 per cent loss of customers over the three months (Figure 2).
Figure 1: Per cent services completed by Smart link from January to March 2006.Total customers serviced for the three months=4056.
Figure 2: Frequency histogram of active and lost customers from January to March 2006 by Smart link.
Two of the most important financial status parameters, namely, per cent of Smart link sales and the investment return for every dollar spent, increased from January to February but thereafter decreased in March 2006. For example, the investment returns increased from $215.52 in January to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Retail Service Management Key Indicators Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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