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Renal Failure - Essay Example

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The road ahead of people experiencing serious illness is not straight nor smooth. At times, they may feel like simply quitting. On the other hand, restoring health is like a "moving forward process", in which the patients as well as their family may need to go through an emotional period…
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Renal Failure
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Extract of sample "Renal Failure"

Download file to see previous pages Countless studies have linked diet, lifestyle and habits to several forms of kidney Disease. Diet has been a strong linked to development of common adult ailments (Health and Home, 2002). According to International Federations of Kidney Foundations and International Society of Nephrology (Sun-Star, 2007), one (1) of every (10) adult may possibly suffer from renal disease. In United States, Chronic Kidney Disease prevalence has been continuously rising over the past years; researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2008) say. In their investigation, it was explored in the overall prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), there have been around 10% increase of population suffering it during 1988-1994; while 13% during 1999-2004.
does not experience any symptoms and therefore may be unaware that they have it, but there are simple tests which can detect the condition. If CKD remains undetected, it can progress to established kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplantation, very poor health and in some cases early death (CDC, 2009).
This study aims to document the live experiences of patients who are suffering from renal failure, at the same time, design a health care plan for the patients. By doing so, the appropriate care of the health care team will be improved in such a way that it could assist patients and their loved ones recognize as well as cope with the challenges they confront in combating kidney failure. With positive outlook, determination and education, health care team will hopefully be one with the patient and family.

Review of Related Literature
Presented in this section are the various readings and findings of different authors in order to provide necessary background and framework of the study, most especially on methodology .
According to the American family physician that chronic kidney disease are the major health problem that are increasingly throughout the world. In which this problem could lead to heart diseases if not treated earlier and because a lot of people don't know the real definition of kidney problem and do not enough facilities in the
Lived Experiences 3
detection and evaluation of the disease (Johnson,, 2004). Sometimes people are unaware that their kidneys are not functioning properly. This is because kidneys are very adaptable. Even when most of a kidney is not working the remaining portion will increase its activity to compensate for the loss, (Gerry, 2006). Some cases of renal disease has no symptoms which can lead to chronic complication or serious health problem; although there are guidelines for early identification of the disease that will help people save their lives in a way of early detection. The guidelines tend to offer some simple test for CKD if they have risk factors like diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and a family history of kidney failure (NICE, 2008).
Data from the United States Renal Data System (USRDS) indicated that there has been an increase of 104% in the prevalence of chronic renal failure (CRF) between the years ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chronic Renal Failure

...Anemia in chronic renal failure is a systemic symptom that affects the patient. With anemia as a result of less erythropoietin production in the kidneys, the patient feels weak and fatigue, and may complain of general body malaise. Anemia may also cause shortness of breath or dyspnea in the CRF patient. CRF is determined through a health history implying deteriorating kidney function supported by creatinine clearance test results. Also, CRF management involves several things like drugs, dialysis, and diet. With proper management, anemia, as well as other systemic manifestations of CRF may be diminished. References Jennette, J. C., & Heptinstall, R. H. (2007). Pathology of the kidney. Philadelphia, PA:...
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.... If there is alteration in renal function, the creatinine level does not indicate the true clearance. In case of oliguria, Clcr is approximated as 10mL/min. In cases with acute renal failure, the non-renal clearance of medicines diminishes by means of time window of renal failure. In the initial course of the therapy, personalized pharmacokinetic dose for patients with severe renal impairment is vital. In case of edema or ascites, huge preliminary dose is necessary to procure a therapeutic plasma drug level rapidly. Consequently, the maintenance level lower than the lethal level is essential. As soon as the loading dose is administered, the therapeutic range is accomplished rapidly. It is imperative to understand that a loading dose...
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...kidney and in patients with chronic kidney disease. Clinical Nutrition 29: 424-433. 2010. Guyton A. C. and Hall, J .E. Textbook of Medical Physiology 11th ed. Elsevier: Philadelphia/ 2006. p. 310 Masaomi, N. Chronic hypoxia and tubulointerstitial injury: a final common pathway to end stage renal failure. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 17: 17-25. 2006. O’Connor, P. M. Renal oxygen delivery: matching delivery to metabolic demand. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 33: 961-967. 2006 Rajan, V. R. and Mitch, W. E. Muscle wasting in chronic kidney disease: the role of the ubiquitin proteasome complex and its clinical impact. Pediatric Nephrology 23: 527-535....
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...rrence of the disorder and the correct medication to control the disorder. Physical examinations should be performed to establish any presence of signs of the disorder. The medical history of any patient should be established especially if it related to weight gain or dysfunction of the renal system. The symptoms of the disorder like swellings and difficult in breathing should also be observed. The nephrotic syndrome is a disorder which affects many people in the world, and unless it is controlled, it will continue affecting many more people. Healthy eating and frequent medical check ups will go a substantial length in dealing with this disorder. Works cited Abuelo, Gary. Renal failure: Diagnosis & Treatment. New York: Springer, 1995....
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... is going to examine the Gordon’s Functional health patterns as well as Myra Levine’s Model is relation to how acute renal failure affects the patient. A specific diet and treatment for renal failure will depend on the patient’s age, the severity and other medical conditions. Nutrition’s affect on renal failure has been studied extensively and published on scientific reports. For example, Dr. T. A’s “Primer on Kidney Disease” recommends a 0.8 to 1 g protein of body weight per kilogram each day of protein in chronic kidney disease. During dialysis, this can increases from 1.2 to 1.3 g/kg each day. Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Marjorie Gordon developed functional health patterns to form a guideline when it comes to the establishment...
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Medical mangement of chronic renal failure

..., these functions of the kidney are hindered by attacks on nephrons resulting in the loss of their filtering ability. High blood pressure and diabetes are responsible for renal failure, thereby resulting in slow and silent destruction of the nephrons. Kidney failure can be chronic, acute or end stage. In this paper, the discussion focuses on the medical management of chronic renal failure. This discussion defines chronic renal failure, medical tests to detect kidney failure, and management of chronic renal failure. Detection of kidney disease People may exhibit signs and symptoms of chronic renal failure. However, some have no symptoms and the doctor detects kidney condition through regular urine and blood tests. The three key simple tests...
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Acute renal failure

... failure 6 Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for impaired skin Integrity: related to oedema 6 Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for impaired gas exchange: related to pulmonary congestion 7 Nursing Diagnosis: Activity Intolerance: related to fluid volume excess, fatigue, and weakness. 8 In-Patient Pharmacological Treatment 8 References 9 Acute Renal Failure Oliguria Oliguria or the reduced urine output may occur in postrenal or intrinsic renal acute causes. The case did not state whether Mrs. Rainer was diagnosed with postrenal or intrinsic renal cause. In any case, there are several possibilities associated with oliguria. In postrenal causes, a probable cause of oliguria comes from an obstructed urinary tract. The obstructed urinary tract could...
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Renal Failure in Cirrhosis

...) due to the dilation of arteries. This is triggered by portal hypertension. In the early stages of liver cirrhosis, cardiac output increases and compensates for the reduction in systemic vascular resistance. In later stages, the cardiac system is unable to compensate for the decreased SVR. The author’s note that bacterial translocation is another modality in which cirrhosis can lead to renal failure. Bacterial translocation associated with cirrhosis elicits inflammation; therefore, leads to production of vasodilators, which decrease PVR. With this regards, antibiotics such as Norfloxacin can be used to prevent renal failure in cirrhosis (Gines & Schrier 1281). The article also elaborates on the evaluation of patients with kidney failure...
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Chronic Renal Failure and Dialysis

...s implanted in the arm under the skin. A laboratory technician is also of importance in the care of such a patient to carry out blood tests so as to ensure the dialysis prescription is most favorable. Moreover, a nephrologist is needed to offer health education to the patient concerning care of the access, side effects of dialysis, and dietary modifications (Daugirdas, 2011). History and Physical Examination of a Patient with Chronic Renal Failure Patients with chronic kidney disease are frequently asymptomatic but they can have history of passing no or small urine amounts, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, persistent fatigue, and loss of appetite (Himmelfarb & Sayegh, 2010). On physical examination, the key findings may...
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There are typical characteristics of renal, which are seen at the time of clinical presentation. Modern-day imaging technologies assist in the early diagnosis of a renal abscess. Early diagnosis and appropriate management lead to successful outcomes for patients with renal abscesses. The treatment procedures are simple in the case of early diagnosis and the smaller size of the abscess. Intravenous antibiotics and observation are all that are necessary. However, in delayed diagnosis, it may be necessary to consider open surgical procedures. The renal abscess can be successfully managed in most cases, especially when the diagnosis is early and prompt and appropriate management strategy prevents further development of the disease and...
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...are generally attained in patients with rhabdomyolysis within 24 hours after onset. Patients with rhabdomyolysis usually develop renal failure as a consequence of the release of excessive myoglobin into the circulation from ruptured muscle tissue (Siqueira et al., 2002). Myoglobin released into the circulation from damaged muscle tissue forms a brown cast that clogs the tubules in the kidneys which causes obstruction, increased intratubular pressure and systemic edema Fernandez et al, 2005). Oliguria or coca-cola colored urine from the brown cast are often seen in patients with rhabdomyolysis as a result of the high levels of circulating myoglobin. Myoglobin levels in the blood that are...
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...-Starling mechanism, increased catecholamines, increased heart beat, atrial natriuretic peptides’ release and the renin-angiotensin system’s activation are stimulated as the heart begins failing. Figueroa and Peters (2006) pint out that other chief causes of heart failure include idiopathic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy and degenerative valve disease. Heart failure is most common occurs among elderly patients with such multiple comorbid conditions as chronic lung disease, diabetes, hypertension, and angina. While such common comorbidities as renal dysfunction are multifactorial (volume diminution from overdiuresis or reduced perfusion), others such as cachexia, anemia, breathing disorders, and depression) are understood poorly...
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