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Class Inequalities In Leisure Participation - Essay Example

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Introduction- Describe the main structure of the essay to prepare the reader. You have to focus on different class of the people, inequalities in the participation and changes in the participation of different classes in leisure. Define leisure and what do you mean by class inequalities…
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Class Inequalities In Leisure Participation
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Extract of sample "Class Inequalities In Leisure Participation"

INEQUALITIES IN LEISURE PARTICIPATION Introduction- Describe the main structure of the essay to prepare the reader. You have to focus on different class of the people, inequalities in the participation and changes in the participation of different classes in leisure. Define leisure and what do you mean by class inequalities. Defining the whole concept in small sentence giving a brief understanding of the subject so that reader shall know what exactly he is going to read.
Gender differences in participation rates- Compare and contrast the leisure activities taken part by the different genders of the classes. Relate them with the closest leisure activity involved and explain the concept of gender differences between different classes. Supporting references are Ken Roberts.(2004) Cultural trends. Explain how feminist thoughts are influential over this gender differences. Make gender difference evident and in contrast to the participating activities performed.
Explain the changes in relative participation rates, tastes and preferences, priorities in indulgence and the very own thought weather to take part in leisure or not. Explain the importance of leisure to different classes irrespective of status of the classes. Explain the challenges faced by the people from lower class. Explain the opportunities that can be availed by various classes of people.
Discussion points: Prove how relaxing and spending time in leisure are useful to all classes irrespective of cast, creed and sex. Explain to what extent are the people from poorer backgrounds are breaking out of the myth that they are bound to work only. Make clear-cut announcements, which get deposited in the minds of the people. How free are people to take part in leisure and this purely depends on the attitudes of the people.
Conclusion: Conclude the whole set of statements in a brief explanation and make some of the crucial points clear which were not mentioned in the text.
Introduction- Describe the structure of essay to make the reader understand. You have to focus on time limitations imposed on leisure. Weather they are imposed or not if yes what are the limitations and are they real, perceptual or insignificant. What are the stringent rules imposed with respect to time on leisure and its time frame. Elaborated on how unnecessary or necessary is time limitations on leisure are the most important factor. State the impact of limitations on time factor.
Bring out the impact of time famine or limitations or scarcity of time on a particular gender individually. Relate the impact of time restrictions from one sex to the opposite one. Explain the morality of imposing the restrictions. How this concept is explained by both the sexes. Bring out the truth on the impact of time scarcity. Explain how much is the impact felt individually on both the sexes. Support your statements by providing appropriate references.
Discussion points: Explain the changes in the behavioral structure of all classes due to the impact by time on the activities on leisure. What is the accurate impact of time famine on a particular class or all the class of the society Is it very alarming or can it be continued for another decade. What are the repercussions that have to be faced by the impact on time famine on leisure Is that impact real on all the classes of the society Explain the whole story of what impact can time have on various classes and is that impact on all the classes equally distributed or not. Make proper assessments about its structure of damage done to the society as a whole.
Conclusion: Conclude the whole set of statements with a brief explanation and make some of the crucial aspect clear which are not properly mentioned in body of the text.
Taylor, D.E. (2002) The Influence of Race, Class and Gender on Activism and the Development of Environmental Discourses," U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Experiment Station Paper, PNW-GTR 534, Seattle, Washington. Available from :< > Retrieved on Nov 11, 2006.
Ken Roberts. (2004) cultural trends. Volume (13) number (2). Available from: <> Retrieved on Nov 11, 2006.
M. Wallace (ed.), Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Volume 15, Greenwich,
Con.: JAI Press.
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Republic of Ireland", in J.H. Goldthorpe and C.T. Whelan (eds.), The Development of
Industrial Society in Ireland, Proceedings of the British Academy 79, Oxford: Oxford
University Press. Read More
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