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Golobalisation and Transnationalism - Essay Example

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This short note on globalisation and trans-nationalism aims at bringing out the effect of these phenomena over the general population. The technological and scientific impact of globalisation has been analysed in a many a forum. Globalisation has had dramatic effect on Society; it has had an equally compelling effect on the way languages have developed in the few short years it has been on the world…
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Golobalisation and Transnationalism
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Extract of sample "Golobalisation and Transnationalism"

Download file to see previous pages London and Great Britain, in general, has been receiving large crowds of migrants in the last few years. This has contributed to an impact on the culture and the language as well as made the men and women conscious of the racial and ethnic implications.
Not just human beings who have lost out in this war of globalisation but also bio-diversity and society as a whole which has resulted in large decline of social values. Globalisation has brought down the number of varieties of cauli flower, sugar beets, cabbage and other such non-hybrid vegetables by 41% all over the world (Seed Savers Exchange 1999). Out of 30,000 varieties of rice that existed in the world, rice diversity has been reduced to 50 varieties only (Ramprasad 2002). Similar impact has happened in animal breeds as well. Out of 3831 varieties of domesticated cattle, 618 varieties have become extinct (Hall & Ruane 1993). Human race does not want to breed economically poor varieties of cattle or plants. The same has happened with the human race too. Globalisation has severely curtailed the diversity that existed in human social life. This is also seen in the London Social life since the culture of the dominant human species has over run the others.
The overall increase in the GDP of the world is primarily being contributed by foreign investments directly. The graph below shows the rising share of the foreign investment in the world GDP (Martin Wolf 2004). This is direct offshoot of globalisation resulting in the growth of the living standards of the people across the world.
The integrated global economy now has more than 6 billion people across the world compared to 1.5 billion in 1980 (Rischard J F 2002). Human rights has been extended and the integration of the world finds many people migrating to newer locations including London and Great Britain. London's population is expected to surge by nearly 700,000 people to reach the figure of 8.1 million by 2016 (Mayor of London 2002).
The population growth has become an important consideration, though the growth rate has come down. The graph below shows the increase from a 2.5 billion population of the world in 1950 to 6.3 billion in 2003. This has a strong influence in the ethnic mix of the world.
In addition to all these globalisation economies taking the society on its way, there are a multitude of movements that have taken up global dimensions due to the large scale networking that is happening. Globalisation and economic injustice have always gone together. These are being fought over by a number of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) (John Clark 29 Apr 2003). The effect of these CSOs are becoming more and more pronounced in the international policy making and in resolving disputes between parties. While at the same time, the number of ethnic migrants into the country, more particularly, the London region, is posing problem for people who are handling it. This is arising because of the large scale migration happening due to globalisation (Michael Storper 30 May 2002). France has become an immigrant country while the rest of the Europe is also facing the migration issue. While the population grow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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