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Police Scenario Communication Barrier to Encounter - Essay Example

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The witnesses before me range from a child, hearing impaired man, visually shaken and the young gang members. Communication with different groups of people will not be automatic. There will be barriers in our communication as outlined below.
Children by their nature are immature people…
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Police Scenario Communication Barrier to Encounter
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Download file to see previous pages Visually -Shaken Man
The visually shaken only heard the sound but didn't see the incident happening. The following barriers will be met.
- He may not answer questions that require him to give information on what he saw
- Undefined assumption -: He may make his own assumptions since he never saw the events.
This may lead to wrong interpretation.
Young Gang Members
I will get the following communication barriers with these young gang members.
Defensive behavior -: Since they were past of the gang, they may feel threatened to give true information. They may in the process fail to concentrate on the questions.
Failure to listen-they may fail to listen to me making me not to get the information I wanted.
I will overcome these communication barriers in the following ways.
Give the child enough time to explain himself.
Avoid asking children leading questions since children tend to agree with what has been said.
Ensure that the surrounding environment is friendly and free of destruction for the child to concentrate.
For the hearing impaired man, I can look for someone who understands sign language to interpret the sign language to me.
For the visually shaken man, he ought to be given time to compose himself and gain courage.
For the gang member who may be hesitant to give true information, I can issue threats of imprisonment if they're not willing to give me relevant information.
The impact of non-verbal communication while interacting with other officers' witnesses and possible suspects is that I may not get reliable information for my investigation.
Interviewing Process and How to Go About Speaking To Each Witness
1. Child
I would put myself in the shoes of the child and approach him in a humble man. I will take time to listen to him and desist from...
Selective perception -: Because of the difficulty of the sign language, I may tend to hear only what I want to hear and ignore other signs which would otherwise have produced more relevant information.
I would put myself in the shoes of the child and approach him in a humble man. I will take time to listen to him and desist from interfering with him as this will lead to him bearing confused. I will be extremely attentive because the child may not exactly repeat what he has said.
I will create a climate that will facilitate open honest communication to avoid defensive behavior. I will be pleasant and smile to them so that they cannot take me suspiciously. I will put the young gang members at ease and avoid being tempered over what has happened.
Throughout the investigation I'll be equipped with a pocket radio to record all the conversations with the witnesses. I'll then collect the finger - prints of the gang members which will compare with the information present in the police station. This is what I'll show in the courtroom.
A shot-out occurred in Monrovia Street on Saturday 2007-01-06 at 14.30 hours. A teenage male was killed. According to my investigations, a gun wielding gang attacked the teenage male who was in his car near a corner gas station. Some of the witnesses lamented that they had a loud bang followed by screams all over. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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