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Quantitative tools - Essay Example

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The work is devoted to the development of ideas for better productivity of the staff - reservation sales agents, to be exact. The paper will be designed to create the strategy of productivity improvement, meeting ethical and legislative standards of work in airline service.
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Quantitative tools
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The work is devoted to the development of ideas for better productivity of the staff - reservation sales agents, to be exact. The paper will be designed to create the strategy of productivity improvement, meeting ethical and legislative standards of work in airline service.
Quantitative Tools
The work of reservation sales agents is an essential part of the general strategy of Going, Inc., to which the work will be devoted. The work of reservations sales managers is specific and has its features, which should be taken into account when designing the strategy for their operations improvement.
The main problems in relation to the staff and reservations managers in particular, that the company does not have good relations with its unions, which is very important, as unions serve a kind of legal protection of managers' rights. Another problem is that employees complain about the lack of voice and the lack of professional training, which is also essential for the improvement of their job characteristics and supporting their skills at the appropriate level. (Bassett, 1992)
The specifics of reservations managers' work is in the surrounding they work, which is usually represented by a large room with a great number of workers doing the same work, and thus demanding huge attention. 2 managers out of each 10 work part time, weekends, nights, or holidays. That's why, to improve the operation of this staff, it is necessary to develop a strict schedule of work, with optimization of the workers' quantity together with increasing the quality of their work. To optimize the quantity of workers, it is obvious, that some of them should be fired. To avoid psychological and legal problems with the staff shortage, I suggest using of the out placing strategy, when the Going Inc. will find new jobs for those, who are fired, with the salaries and preferences known beforehand for each worker to be fired. Another suggestion might be the use of so called 'privileged' firing for those, who come closer to the pension age. It means that those who wish to retire earlier, will be able to do this. The strategy of the company in this case will look in the following way: there will be gathered the applications of all those who want to get retired, and the Going Inc. will fire them step by step, as the company needs.
Going, Inc. is well known for one of the best flights schedule in the country, but the schedule for workers presents the problems of overloading and mistakes. That's why it is important that the schedule should meet the requirements of legislation and the demands of unions, of the working week not exceeding 40 hours, with rational quantity of night and holiday hours for each worker. However, the proposed changes might pose a conflict and several problems.
First of all, the conflict might arise in the striving for creating optimal number of staff with following legal requirements for the amount of working time. On the one hand, there is the probability of firing several workers, which may lead to the deeper argument with the union, but on the other hand, those workers who work part time, usually have fixed hours (often at night or on holidays) and making schedule flexible for everyone might also lead to the conflict inside the staff and with the senior management. From the other viewpoint, working as reservations manager in the airline company, is very responsible, and letting people work only at night, despite their wish, may also cause legal and ethical problems.
To provide the effectiveness of the staff work in relation to the schedule and avoiding the workers being late at work, I can suggest the following actions:
1. Each reservations manager should go through a short 20-30 minutes' training, during which senior managers will explain them the importance of their schedule and the cost of each delay.
2. Ensure that the rules of processing the clients' calls are standardized and are known to all reservations managers.
3. Set the priorities for the managers in their work, explaining them where they should concentrate their maximum attention, should they send faxes or clean their incoming mail while they are waiting for another incoming call.
4. Teach the managers to work with the real time information and to quickly take the necessary measures. Each reservations manager should know his contribution into the work of the whole company, together with the cost of delays and mistakes which he (she) might make.
The senior managers must initiate closer cooperation with the unions and develop the system of employees training in the area of airline reservations.
Works cited
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Going's Service division.
Heizer, Jay & Redner, Barry. (2002). Operations Management, 6th edition. Prentice Hall, 27-44 Read More
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