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Incident at Reception Desk - Essay Example

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During the lunchtime period, when my colleague Joelly Fish and I were covering the desk, a young man approached us. I greeted him and asked how I could help him. We were not busy, there were three people sitting in the public waiting area who had been dealt with earlier…
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Incident at Reception Desk
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Extract of sample "Incident at Reception Desk"

MEMO Ruthie Labrador Copy Section Supervisor - Carole Calloway Colleague - Joelly Fish (INSERT 19 May 2006 Incident at Reception Desk, City Planning Division, 12.50 pm, 18 May 2006
Involving Mr. Scott Terrier
During the lunchtime period, when my colleague Joelly Fish and I were covering the desk, a young man approached us. I greeted him and asked how I could help him. We were not busy, there were three people sitting in the public waiting area who had been dealt with earlier. They witnessed the events which took place. He responded that he hoped I could, then asked to see the plans for the proposed daycare center on Laurel Street. As these are not due to be in the public domain for another month, I told him he could not, just for the moment. I did not use any negative terms, instead I said,
"Because they are due for publication next month, they are not accessible yet. If you would like to call back then, we will have them on public display."
He answered me, quite politely at first, by saying,
"Please, I am really busy, I really need to see them for God's sakes, I work for a building
company, Towser and Terrier, you must have heard of us"
When I told him that because of regulations, it was not possible to provide him with what he wanted at this time, he slammed his hands quite forcefully down on the counter top and pushed his body forward, his face really close to mine. I took a step back, he was very angry and his body language was threatening. At this point, he began to insult me in quite a low, menacing tone, calling me a "stupid bureaucratic, pen-pushing moron with no initiative!"
Joelly came and stood next to me, and neither of us said anything in response to his comments, not
wanting to make him even more aggressive. I was considering calling security, when he stood up
straight and turned away, calling me various obscene names as he walked. These included "
whore," and "brainless bitch". He got to the door, and shouted back that I would regret being so unhelpful, that he would be suing me for my failure to provide the correct public service he was entitled to. He also said I would be hearing from his uncle, P. Bull Terrier, that "even a fool like you must have heard of him!" He banged the door really hard as he left.
Two of the members of the public came to the desk and were real kind. They gave Joelly their details and offered to be witnesses in support of the fact that I had behaved politely and correctly throughout. The incident left me shaken and rather nervous, but after discussing it with you and writing it down, this has helped to clarify things. I feel certain that I carried out my duties correctly and have done nothing to bring trouble or disrepute on the department. I look forward to your response.
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Incident at Reception Desk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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